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  • School of Choreography and Dance

    In our club of healthy pleasures “5th element” we have some great Schools of choreography and dance to present for you. We should admit that it`s so professiomal, that children starting from the age of two can attend them.


    Interesting fact is that choreography is the foundation of dance.

    That is the reason why the first lessons of choreography is necessary for each and every child from a very early age. After all this time is important for proper formation of the posture stability of the ankle and proper tightening of the muscles of the body.

    Methods of teaching in the school of choreography in our club “5th element” is based on the extraction of bone and muscular system of the child. Exercises at the Barre “pull” figure, developing joints, give the movements of grace and elegance. Children learn how to control your body, developing coordination, become more confident, healthier.

    Schedule the dance School

    (Coach Masha Kolmogorova)

    · For children 2-3 years - twice a week:

    Tuesday and Thursday from 11 up to 11:45 a.m

    · For children 3-5 years - three times a week:

    Tuesday and Thursday from 17 to 18 hours;

    Saturday from 11 to 12 hours.

    You can get more detailed information by the phone 093-735-19-71


    (Coach - Ekaterina Pashinin)

    It is a brand new look at modern choreography. The combination of different dance styles, from classic to Contemporary newfangled Funk, Pop, Popping – that is what you can feel yourself attending dance lessons in our club.

    You can get more detailed information by the phone 063-433-30-44

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    • Photo School of Choreography and Dance — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo School of Choreography and Dance — fitness club 5 element


    Misha Zibor
    Нашей девочки три годика, мы отдали её на танцы в клуб 5 элемент. Зал отлично оборудован, с современным дизайном и всем необходимым. Самое главное что у нас грамотный преподаватель с опытом, который может чему то научить детей. Нам и нашей дочке всё нравится.
    Miroslav Netrebin
    Спочатку визначив в школу танців сина, а тепер і трирічна донька почала займатися. Діти дуже задоволені увагою хореографів, спілкуванням зі своїми ровесниками. Біжать на заняття з задоволенням. Досить тільки глянути на їх задоволені обличчя. І хоч в конкурсах ще ніяких не брали участь, але все ще попереду.

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