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    Guests of the 5th Element Fitness Club have a unique opportunity to use the DENAS-Vertebra device - a device that will relieve tension, fatigue, return freedom of movement to the back muscles, activity, and, if necessary, relieve the acute attack of pain! Procedures on the device DENAS-Vertebra are allowed for both adults and children - any age restrictions are practically absent. And the effect of this device is simply overwhelming. We offer to learn more about the device and its capabilities.

    What the device is intended for?

    For the vast majority of people, the back is the most vulnerable part of the body, suffering from daily exertion, sudden movements, uncomfortable position. Specialists of the club “5th Element” note that the overwhelming majority of guests who come for help suffer precisely the problems of the back muscles and the spine. It is known that disorders in the joints, displacement of the vertebrae, stretching of the joints negatively affect the internal organs. Disruption of the circulatory system, pinching of the nerves lead to constant pain, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders and other problems. Developers of the device DENAS-Vertebra proceeded from the fact that relieve tension, get rid of pain without medication and surgery can be, affecting the back in a certain way. The most effective method was electrotherapy. It is not accompanied by painful sensations - the discharges are soft, mild, and the sensations are very comfortable. Using electric discharges, complex dynamic stimulation is performed at the neuronal level. From the abbreviated name of the operation, the name of the methodology has created - DENAS. This method combines electrotherapy and massage:

    • safe;
    • plain;
    • practically has no contraindications.

    It has found application in the treatment of a large number of ailments in adults and children. Today DENAS-Vertebra is used in medicine, in sports, including fitness. In our club “5th Element” a guest can undergo a course of healing and therapeutic procedures.

    Basic equipment characteristics

    The DENAS-Vertebra apparatus looks like a rug with oval electrodes protruding above the surface, made of a special plastic material that adapts to the curves of the back of a person lying on it. Electrodes (more than 40 pieces) are fixed on the platform (electrostimulation unit) in a special order. With the help of automatic control, they are included in turns, and the frequency of switching on is set by a special program for each type of ailment. A weak electrical impulse runs along the back, creating the effect of a heat wave running through the muscles. The shape of the rug, as the platform is also called, follows the contours of the upper body, capturing the region from the lumbar to the neck. Its dimensions in length are 900 mm, width (in the upper part) is 365 mm, and thickness is 70 mm. A control panel is connected to the platform with which the program is set, the number and frequency of the pulses. The monitor allows you to visually monitor which zone of the back is affected. It also has a timer showing the time. About the termination of the operation reports a beep. In the elite fitness club “5th Element”, the DENAS-Vertebra apparatus is configured by a qualified employee, who selects the optimal treatment program. To achieve the therapeutic effect, pulses of five repetition rates are used: 20, 60, 77, 140 and 200 Hertz. They are not at all accidental - each number of impulses corresponds to a specially developed program and gives a certain therapeutic effect.

    Therapeutic programs

    The device DENAS-Vertebra executes programs of four types, which are designated by the developers according to the first four letters of the Latin alphabet. Thus, the “A” program provides an effect on the back along the entire length of the spine, therefore, it is recommended to be used for stress, overwork, for the prevention of chronic diseases and for increasing the body resistance. The duration of the procedure is, on average, 23-25 ​​minutes. The “B” program acts selectively on the region of the sacral, thoracic or cervical vertebrae. Used for spasms, chronic pain, for rehabilitation after injuries and operations, it is also prescribed for the treatment of the spine and internal organs. The procedure lasts 24 minutes. The program “C” affects different parts of the back, like the previous one. This course is prescribed in order to relieve acute and chronic pain in the spine and pain in the internal organs that occur in diseases of the spine. In addition, this program is struggling with various options for limiting mobility, which arise both from the disease and after operations. The exposure duration is 26 minutes. The last program “D” is intended for the treatment of selected areas of the back with a small area, it is used to eliminate acute pain.

    In some cases, a combination of several programs may be assigned, for example, first the “D” program to remove the spasm, and then the “B” or “C” program to treat the selected body area.

    Indications for use and contraindications

    We note immediately that there are practically no contraindications for using the DENAS-Vertebra device - its use may be prohibited in particularly rare cases when the patient has an individual intolerance to this type of exposure or he undergoes a course of treatment in which additional procedures may adversely affect the outcome of treatment. The device can be used by adults and children from 7 years old. This is due to the peculiarities of the parameters of the platform with electrodes. The range of indications for the device is very extensive.

    It is used to treat:

    • diseases of the back;
    • spinal diseases;
    • diseases of internal organs.

    Using the device, a comprehensive treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the bronchi and lungs, and digestive organs is carried out. The ability to relieve spasm and relax muscles helps, as noted above, to cope with fatigue and stressful situations. In addition, the device DENAS-Vertebra in Kiev is recommended for the treatment of diseases with individual intolerance to drugs. It is also used for general therapy, and in situations where other methods of influence on the damaged areas of the back can not be used.

    How is the course of treatment performed?

    In the elite fitness club “5th Element”, the procedures are carried out under the supervision of specialists who control the whole process, making sure that the guest of the club feels comfortable. If the patient has acute pain, he is prescribed first a program to relieve the spasm, and then a procedure to treat the patient’s back. The platform unfolds on a flat surface (massage table or medical couch). The person fits so that the contact of the body with the protruding electrodes is maximum. Sometimes, due to the peculiarities of the body, modeling rollers are placed under the rug in order to ensure that the back touches the platform along all the bending lines. Due to the elasticity, the electrodes fit snugly to the skin, covering the largest possible area. During the procedure, you can not move or get up - the software control of the device will automatically stop its work. Frequency discharges act like a massage, but without physical impact. Electricity stimulates the muscles, relaxing them, as during a massage. Due to this, the spasm is removed, the pressure is restored, the supply of tissues with oxygen is resumed. After the first course, the patient feels much better, however, in order to achieve the best result, the course must be continued until complete healing. Fitness club “5th Element” invites guests to the procedures DENAS-Vertebra! You will no longer feel pain and gain confidence in your movements with us.

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    • Photo DENAS-VERTEBRA DEVICE — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo DENAS-VERTEBRA DEVICE — fitness club 5 element

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