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Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

restoration of the physiological balance of the body

Osteopathy excludes medications and any invasive measures. The experienced osteopathic doctor is able to recognize the disease in the early stages of development, using the hands, when pain or other manifestations of the disease are absent.

Osteopathy - diagnosis and treatment of diseases with the help of hands

Among the tolerant methods of influencing the human body, osteopathy should be singled out - the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, bone and cartilage system, as well as internal organs with tactile techniques.

Osteopathy excludes medications and any invasive measures. The experienced osteopathic doctor is able to recognize the disease in the early stages of development, using the hands, when pain or other manifestations of the disease are absent.

Some patients are suspicious of osteopathy, but reviews and official medicine confirm the effectiveness of the referral.

A course of osteopathic procedures is prescribed by a rehabilitologist or vertebrologist based on a patient examination and test results.

Types of Osteopathy

Treatment with osteopathic techniques is carried out in three directions, due to the zone of exposure to the body. Distinguish osteopathy:

  • structural (restoration of the anatomical position of the vertebrae, restoration of the functions of muscle and cartilage tissues, joints, limbs, etc.);
  • craniosacral (activation of the spinal cord, blood and lymph flow, correction of the incorrect location of the cranial bones, correction of mechanical dysfunctions of the pelvic bones, etc.);
  • visceral (diagnosis and treatment of internal organs, restoration of anatomical rhythms, removal of muscle tension, normalization of the functions of a problem organ in the general system of the human body).

Without blood and trauma: the benefits of osteopathy

In favor of osteopathy, arguments such as the absence of:

  • pain;
  • tissue injury;
  • the risk of complications and side effects, many others

The procedure completely eliminates shock techniques, shocks and other physical effects, and therefore osteopathy is not contraindicated in children, pregnant women, the elderly, patients with chronic diseases, in which many other manual techniques (for one reason or another) are not recommended or prohibited.

A method that contributes to the normalization of blood flow, the activation of biological processes inside tissues and cells, we stimulate the strengthening of immunity, the restoration of functions lost by the body.

In some cases, osteopathy is the most effective panacea. The tactile effect technology localizes the pain syndrome and also relieves the patient of the cause of pain.

Heart dysfunctions, sleep disturbance, dizziness, numbness of hands, etc. - Often behind these ailments lies an infringement of the vertebrae, provoking pain in unexpected and, it seemed, unrelated to the back areas.

After correction of the spine with osteopathic techniques, natural relief comes. According to reviews, osteopathy helped in some cases where radical medicine was ineffective.

When will an osteopathic doctor help?

This question is logical, and therefore focus on the indications for osteopathic therapy:

  • adult group of patients: disorders of the musculoskeletal system, injuries and surgeries, headaches, gynecology, digestive organs dysfunctions, asthma (some types), mental disorders, etc .;
  • children’s group of patients: injuries, delayed intellectual maturation, neurotic manifestations, impaired posture, impaired coordination of movements, headaches, etc.

Among the contraindications to osteopathic measures are:

  • acute mental disorders;
  • oncology;
  • infections;
  • inflammatory processes in the zone of exposure to the body;
  • thrombosis, etc.

Affordable osteopathy in Kiev: making an appointment is easy!

Osteopathy is gaining momentum in Ukraine. Humane, sparing therapeutic methods complement radical, medical methods, often crowding them out where you can (and should) do without a scalpel and drugs.

A good osteopath in Kiev, as in any other metropolis, is worth its weight in gold. Not all doctors who practice tactile techniques are called osteopaths. Direction should be distinguished from massage, correction of the spine and other physiotherapeutic techniques.

It also happens that instead of an osteopath, a patient gets to a chiropractor engaged in alternative, unsafe methods of therapy.

If you are interested in an experienced osteopath doctor in Kiev who has all the methodological skills of influencing the body, please contact us at the Center for Healthy Esthetology.

  • The specialist will individually conduct an examination based on the patient’s treatment, taking into account his complaints about the general condition or pain in a particular part of the body.
  • Based on the conclusion, a course of osteopathic treatment consisting of several sessions will be prescribed.
  • You will feel the effectiveness of the method after the first procedure.
  • In order to improve the quality of the methodology and accelerate the recovery processes in the body, classes on special simulators, etc. may be prescribed.

Making an appointment with a specialist is easy! In addition, prices for services in our clinic. If you are interested in an osteopath at the best price in Kiev, we are ready for dialogue!

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