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Summer vacation in Kiev

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Summer rest

Want to relax in Kyiv better than at some resort abroad? Or maybe you just want to make your summer more rich and varied then previous? Then the proposal the"5th element”, club of healthy pleasures is specialy for you! May always brings opening of our summer patio. This means that visitors will be available to use enjoyably the outdoor pools, comfortable sun loungers with mattresses, large umbrellas, summer terrace of the restaurant, playground for beach volleyball and, of course, the warm rays of the sun at our summer patio. All this will be a nice addition to your training, meeting up with friends and business partners, SPA treatments and a wide range of other services provided by the club of healthy pleasures “the 5th element”.

The total area of our summer patio is 5 500 square meters, which is comparable to the size of a football field. So here you will find enough places to feel yourself comfortable in the centre of our cosmopolitan city. So as you can see in the fitness club “5th element”, even without sea, you can found the huge amount of healthy pleasures.

New summer patio can pleasantly surprice you by situated there our new outdoor playground for fitness. Our Summer Gym allows you to freely exercise in the open air. It is beneficial to the organism as in general, and also reduces the level of stress and emotional fatigue. And yet - it’s fun!

Want to enjoy a gentle massage and get all the possible benefits for your body? Then visit the Jacuzzi with sea salt. This is a great opportunity to improve metabolism, strengthen the immune system, to saturate the body with oxygen, and to bring back the elasticity of the skin.

Excellent tool in the fight against excess weight will be a large outdoor pool. It will strengthen the heart and improve overall muscle tone. However, those who just want to relax there is also enough free space.

After the cool water for some time you can relax on a comfortable sun lounger with mattress, in the shade of a large umbrella and enjoy the cool fresh air… Good for summer courtyard fitness club “5th element” such pleasure in the order of things. Here, our restaurant is available for you on the open air. To services of visitors we always have attentive waiters. They will gladly take the order quickly and it will be performed, whether it’s a cocktail, fresh or dish right from from the chef.

Summer patio is the perfect place to relax with your children. For them we have a colourful playground, and a shallow pool, where the youngest visitors will be fun and safe. If necessary, children will be looked after by the educators from the children’s club “Plasticine”. Thus, parents will be able to fully relax and enjoy their holiday. With the beginning of summer vacation on the basis of the healthy pleasures we perform our summer camp for children. For children aged up from 5 to 16 years, experienced educators organize well-balanced intresting and rather active leisure time. There will be presented different kinds of sports, recreational and developmental activities that will suit your events.

Summer patio club healthy pleasures “5th element” is available to owners of annual club cards, as well as the owners of club cards “Summer”, which is valid until the 31st August.

If You want to live a healthy lifestyle, enjoy spending time with interesting people and comfortly use all the pleasures of summer in the luxury club“5th element”, club of healthy pleasures is waiting for you!

Hope to see you soon!

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Summer vacation in Kiev in the "5 Element" club - it is relaxation and taking care of your body. Here you can relax and take time for yourself.

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Summer vacation in Kiev — You can order a subscription to the fitness club "5 Element" on the website in the menu section "Club cards".

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Широкий и качественный спектр услуг, отзывчивый персонал, а также приятная атмосфера. О покупке клубной карты нисколько не пожалел: отлично провели время всей семьёй. Радует то, что на территории клуба имеется огромный тренажерный зал, а также не только обычный, но и детский бассейн. В ресторане клуба изысканная еда, всё на высшем уровне. Спасибо что помогли оторваться от монотонной и скучной рутины, и предоставили возможности расслабиться и приятно провести время с семьёй.

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