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Freemotion workouts strengthen both superficial and deep muscles layers and improve motion coordination

Freemotion routines strengthen both superficial and deep muscles layers, improve coordination of motions.

Freemotion suggests new approach to the training – exercising the whole body when every muscle is considered as a link in the chain of simultaneously working muscles supporting human being’s natural movements. There is no any traditional weight training facility to run the gamut of human motions.

Freemotion philosophy, unlike traditional weight training, is based on imitation of general human motions and focuses on improvement of functional strength, building up steadiness, balance and flexibility.

Freemotion exercise promotes:

  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Steadiness and balance
  • Better agility and coordination
  • absolute and functional strength
  • Improved pace and power
  • Higher three-dimensional motion efficiency.

Advantages of Freemotion exercise:

  • Preliminary training is not required as you move naturally;
  • Wide range of exercises and methodological approaches allows to avoid boring sameness and inspires a renewed interest in training;
  • It is one of the highly effective calories burning workouts since stand-up Freemotion routines involve all muscles;
  • Training is shorter;
  • Post training muscle pain is reduced as far as great many working muscle are loaded equally;
  • Posture improvement by training small internal muscles along with big muscle groups;
  • It enables post rehabilitation training inasmuch as a trainee chooses suitable path, range and speed of motion by himself.

Freemotion exercise is a real breakthrough in fitness.

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