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Cardio Room

Some Cardio activity before and after training is extremely beneficial

Cardio Room is situated on the second level of the Club’s Training Room.

The World-best Italian PANATTA SPORT Cardio Fitness Machines fit for endurance developing, cardiovascular system strengthening and calories burning. Their displays allow you to control the course of the training: to check distance, speed, pulse, amount of the lost calories and also to take different fitness-tests.

    Most of the Cardio Fitness Machines have cardio-dependent training programs: initial warming up, long-distance and uphill race and so on. Considering your pulse in the course of Cardio training session, a computer adjusts Bike’s or Stepper’s pedal load, speed and tilt of a treadmill surface and lever effort. You can preset Maximum heart rate index and Cardio Fitness Machine will reduce training load when you reach it or you can indicate desirable calorie consumption and computer will choose the most suitable program.

    Cardio Room features Plasma Screens at the first row of Runners. Combine daily workouts with your favorite TV Programs watching.

    The Fitness Equipment we have offers you various training programs but the most efficient and safe are those offered by Your Personal Trainer. A professional Trainer or a Cardio Room manager always watches the training process.

    • Runner is one of the most popular Fitness Machines to lose weight and to strengthen cardiovascular system. Time, distance, speed, angle of inclination, calorie consumption and heart rate indications are shown on display. You can adjust speed and inclination with a simple rapid touch. With speed, inclination and program adjustment your targets become much more achievable.
    • Ellipticals are similar to skiing by biomechanics. They lend variety to training, rising the efficiency of both upper and lower body muscles exercises. Ellipticals greatly ease the strain on knee-joints, what makes them more and more popular.
    • Stairmasters (Steppers) exercises are similar to stair-climbing. They strengthen calf and gluteus muscles. With regular exercises your legs will look good and trim.
    • Vertical Bikes strengthen legs muscles. They give users the feeling of climbing or road cycling.
    • Horizontal Bikes totally support the bone what is primarily important for the users suffering back aches. For the maximum convenience and comfort of the user the seat is fixed at the proper inclination angle and has an anatomic profile.
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    5️⃣ Cardio Room — why in the club "5 Element"

    Cardio Room in the "5 Element" club - it is relaxation and taking care of your body. Here you can relax and take time for yourself.

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    Cardio Room — You can order a subscription to the fitness club "5 Element" on the website in the menu section "Club cards".

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    Cardio Room — visit and see the best service in town.

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    You can get acquainted with all the news of the club on the website in the section "News".
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