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  • How to choose a trainer

    Image is everything

    Dream couches without even a single gram of excess fat, rather communicative, white-toothed smiling, confident in own abilities, easily doing measuring, passionate to theirs favorite job, moderately polite. Really a good coach must look like a notebook with a beautiful cover of a glossy magazine?

    Of course, we admit that people who have experienced a huge amount of different classes and achieved great shape, inspires and respect. But it means almost nothing. The truth is that appearance should not be the primary factor when you are selecting a coach. In the end, you are going to train, but not your coach.

    Test drive

    The most effective way to evaluate a coach is surely to go to him for a trial lesson. Each member has one free personal training session in each direction. A professional instructor is always friendly and never shows his bad mood.

    Throughout the workout, it focuses solely on the client: tells you how to correctly perform the exercise, and his support is encouraging and inspiring. This attitude is especially important in the beginning of the training process, when any awkward movement can cause injury.

    If after months of training any positive changes are not visible, the coach needs to be changed.

    See objective not see obstacles

    “If you want to go with a lesson on bent legs and with a sense of deep satisfaction, choose a mentor of our international class masters of some king of sports. If you suffer from low self-esteem, look for “glossy” specialist, who will praise you for every repetition. So it is only up to your own choice.

    The main thing - do not be afraid of the search process, all of this will pay off handsomely when you’ll run to the gym with joy.”

    Inquire, what you want to know

    Learn how you are interested in coach behaves players is easy. Enough to make it a little chatt in the locker room of our club and learn some points experiences from other classes with coach, you are interested in!

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