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Fitness for Children

In our Club your children will profitably employ their time in knowledge gaining, comprehensive development and sports activity

Children are known for their super energy which they sometimes do not know how to use. In our Club your children will profitably employ their time in knowledge gaining, comprehensive development and sports activity. We will make your children happy, healthy and wealthy.

Swim. Children acquire diving skills, swim under water and master various swim techniques. Children are trained by way of play. Our skilful, with many years’ experience Trainers know how to manage children of all ages. They make training process easy and natural.

Aerobics. This class is popular with girls. This is understood as every girl wants a grace of movements, flexibility, plasticity and aristocratic bearing of course. One should think of these qualities to be trained from young age.

Martial Arts. Special Kid’s boy classes (self-protection) for children from 5 to 8 years and judo for children from 6 to 8 years. Instructors consider age differences to train children properly.

Boys’ fight skills are instinctive. So, it is not a surprise, that often their favourite fictional characters are Batman, Spiderman and alike. Boys yearn for adventures, they want to become legends known for their brave deeds like the characters they want to resemble. Martial Arts sessions provide them with the opportunity to unlock their potential, to uncover secrets of these or those tricks and master basic self-protection skills.

Health-improving Sports – stretching exercises and relay races.

Yoga for Children is more like gymnastics. The exercises are aiming at health keeping up and improving. The trainings include breathing exercises Pranayama and fanciful Asanas imitating static motions of animals – turtle, tiger and others. Children control breath during the entire course of training session.

Children learn and acquire new skills easily – it is their natural ability. For instance, when a child manages to put his/her leg behind the back, parents wonder at their kid doing that. But all such movements are natural and children see no difficulty about them.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful sport. Bright and spectacular ball or ribbon gymnastic performances are very attractive, they amaze with plasticity. One should begin to go in for gymnastics from the early childhood when muscles are more pliable. Choreography is a difficult and painstaking sport indeed. It requires endurance and hardiness.

«The 5th Element» Club features Choreography School. The trainings promote talent and aesthetic sense development, educate ear to music. Choreography exercises the entire body. Physical improvements concern posture, gait, flexibility and grace. Mental achievements concern attention concentration, good memory and emotional balance.

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