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    Personal training is the individual work of the instructor with the client, which guarantees high efficiency of the training process and achievement of the set results in the shortest possible time. The organization of classes in mini-groups involves personal training with a mentor. As a form of training process, individual classes are possible on a separate schedule outside of group forms.

    The instructor makes the personal program of exercises according to all wishes of the client. The tasks of the mentor also include:

    • assistance in planning the ward’s daily routine;

    • create a meal plan;

    • correction of the diet with the presence of vitamins and minerals.

    The advantage of personal training is practice at any time convenient for the client, and if necessary - change the schedule without violating the plans of other participants in the training process.

    Mini-groups classes, as well as purely personal training, are ideal for busy clients.

    Mini-groups classes with a personal trainer are convenient for beginners to learn quickly the practical skills of the chosen sport, and then join the collective form of work.

    Features of mini-groups workouts in the fitness club “5th element”

    The mini-group consists of several people who are under the constant attention of a personal instructor (2-3 participants). Unlike personal training, mini-groups workouts imply collegiality, the presence of like-minded people, a sense of the elbow, which is an additional psychological and emotional bonus. Individually, but not alone, but with friends!

    Starting workouts in a mini-group is the same for everyone. The time is chosen taking into account the wishes of each member of the team and can be adjusted by mutual consent.

    Training in mini-groups guarantees that the client receives a full package of individual services: qualified instructor assistance, safety and efficiency of each lesson.

    In the fitness club “5th element” mini-groups workouts in the following directions are carried out:

    • aqua (preparation for marathon swimming, water polo, sparring);

    • fitness (yoga, stretching, dance directions, modern and classical choreography, salsa, ballroom dancing, acrobatics, pole dance, etc.);

    • functional, aerobic, strength training, classes at the Quinax rack;

    • sky jumping (a new direction in fitness that helps to relieve stress at an active pace during jumps);


    We also offer split training, designed for two participants in the training process. The coaches themselves form the mini- and paired groups.

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    • Photo Mini groups workouts — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo Mini groups workouts — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo Mini groups workouts — fitness club 5 element
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