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For Moms-To-Be

You have a baby on the way!

This piece of news makes you cry for joy and you look anxiously forward to meeting your little cutie. How to behave properly across pregnancy and childbearing? How to look after baby’s welfare properly and become prime mommy and daddy? How to find out why the baby cries or when feels hungry? And it is far from the complete list of the questions which parents concern about.

Our professionals, competent doctors and psychologists will help you prepare yourself for the childbirth and will answer all your questions. Baby gets first experience even before his or her time – while in mom’s tummy, baby feels and responds to her mood, recognizes voice and touches, experiences joy and anxiety.

We have started up topical «Club for the Pregnant». Special Fitness programs, Aqua aerobics, Working with psychologist and obstetrician-gynecologist will leave you physically and mentally prepared for the childbirth. In the Club you will be provided with the essential information on getting ready for the child-bearing; learn how to communicate with your baby; master massage, relaxation, breathing, pain relief and labour induction skills. Your husband may attend the classes too. If he has made a decision to give warm encouragement to you during act of delivery he should be trained.

«In Anticipation of a Miracle» – for married couples waiting for a baby. Partnership childbirth training

«9 months of happiness» – The entire period of pregnancy support

«Aqua Mommy» – exercises aimed at equal distribution of load on different muscle groups

«Pilates Mommy» – stretching exercises aimed at muscle tonus and lumbar strengthening. The exercise also promotes proper breathing

«Shape Mommy» – muscle-strengthening exercises

Therapeutic Exercises – postdelivery rejuvenation

«How to Love your Child» School for parents – trainings for parents

«Club for the Pregnant» - training for childbirth

In addition, we offer conscious conception family trainings.

Find inner harmony, take a dive into the world of well-being, gain proper knowledge, take an unnecessary load off your mind, gain confidence and courage.

We will ensure your joyful pregnancy and your child’s coming into the world to be the happiest event of your life.

We also feature Swimming for the Pregnant. Find out more about it smile

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For Moms-To-Be in the "5 Element" club - it is relaxation and taking care of your body. Here you can relax and take time for yourself.

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Начала заниматься в 5 Элементе еще в прошлом году, ходила на курс тренировок для беременных. Занятия отлично снимали усталость и сонливость. Сейчас же вместе с малышом ходим в центр раннего развития там же.
Купила абонемент "Фитнес-мама" по совету знакомой, теперь вместе ходим. Меня сильно беспокоили боли в спине, а на курсах мне помогли от них избавится при помощи расслабления и дыхания. Плюс мы тренировали те группы мышц, которые в родах мне очень помогли. Всем будущим мамочкам рекомендую пройти этот курс!

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