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Eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow lamination will help to give even the most unruly hairs the right direction and secure a neat shape.

Lamination allows you to fix the shape set during the procedure. It is very convenient for girls with naughty eyebrows. Like hair on the head, eyebrows suffer from the aggressive effects of various external factors: frost, wind, sunlight, temperature changes. Lamination creates a protective film on each hair, which prevents external factors from negatively affecting the health and appearance of eyebrows.

Lamination does not harm the hairs and skin of the eyebrows. The formulations contain keratin, which is necessary to strengthen and restore the hair structure, as well as a complex of vitamins, minerals and other components aimed at nutrition and hydration. A fixing finishing compound seals these beneficial active ingredients into the hairs, covering them with a protective film. As a result, weakened, dry, brittle hairs become more elastic and durable.

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