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    The elite club of healthy pleasures “5th Element” offers its guests a unique wellness procedure - water massage Shiatsu Watsu. This is a synthesis of manual techniques used since ancient times in the Far East, and modern advances in the field of hydrotherapy. The technique is a registered international brand that represents the World Aquatic Bodywork Association (World Water Massage Association, WABA).

    What is Watsu

    The technique was created by Harold Dall, a courageous experimenter who combined massage using the traditional Japanese technique of Shiatsu in Watsu and the relaxing effect of warm water. Even the first sessions of point effects on various parts of the body with a stable temperature of +33° C showed surprising results: patients achieved deep muscle relaxation, impossible in other conditions.

    G. Dall called his method Watsu: from English water (water) and Japanese atsu (shiatsu). Since 1980, Watsu massage has become one of the most popular types of manual therapy in the world.

    The essence of the method is as follows: the patient’s body, supported by a certified Watsu specialist, is immersed in warm water, and the water therapist, gently pressing on various areas, stretches the muscles with his palms and twists the joints so that the person relaxes as much as possible. The fixed ambient temperature enhances the effect, and a stable water pressure makes the relaxation process as comfortable as possible.

    An additional advantage of the procedure is the long-lasting effect of the massage, which is created by warm water.

    Who is useful massage in the water

    Long-term observations have shown that Watsu is effective in:

    • psycho-emotional disorders;
    • chronic spinal diseases;
    • joint and muscle problems;
    • recovery of the body after injury.

    It is an important component in the treatment of many chronic diseases.

    In addition to the physical effect, massage Watsu has a beneficial moral effect on the patient. Being in the water, traditionally hostile environment for a person, in the hands of a stranger, the patient learns to overcome his fear and distrust.

    This, in turn, helps guests of the elite fitness center “5th Element” to quickly get rid of neurosis, chronic fatigue and other emotional disorders.

    Advantages of the Watsu procedure

    Unlike traditional techniques, massage in Watsu water allows you to get a stronger effect by using the physical properties of warm water. The body soars, as if in weightlessness, it is not affected by the usual physical constants (gravity). Having lost touch with familiar sensations, the patient’s body is quickly released from muscle blockages.

    Like aquatherapy, Watsu allows you to get several results at once:

    • completely relax in a short time;
    • get rid of stress, depression, negative emotions.
    • restore the body’s energy.

    After the first sessions of Shiatsu in the water, our guest will feel an improvement in sleep, digestion, chronic pain will disappear, and anxiety will decrease and immunity will increase. A gradual self-healing of the whole organism will begin.

    This effect has only Watsu - no other technique will not allow to obtain a similar result. Because of this, the unique water Shiatsu has gained high popularity throughout the world. And now the experts of our elite club of healthy pleasures “5th Element” invite you to take this wonderful wellness course, which you can sign up for by calling 067-555-1241.

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    • Photo Watsu Massage — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo Watsu Massage — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo Watsu Massage — fitness club 5 element

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