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    In many countries of the world, treatment of diseases of the spine, joints, muscles, tendons without drugs and surgery is very popular. The secret to the success of this method is that a person suffering from back pain does not need to go to the hospital, spend time and money on medications and pay for the services of doctors. And then also recover after treatment.

    Applied kinesiology offers a simple solving the problems described above. To restore your health, identify hidden ailments and improve vitality, get rid of stress and restore working capacity, you only need to buy a subscription to the elite fitness club “5th Element”. Here, under the supervision of experienced trainers, you will take an applied kinesiology course that will help you to become a completely new person.

    What is applied kinesiology

    A new direction in diagnosing health problems and treating ailments through the impact on certain muscle groups was created in the mid-1960s by American expert in the field of alternative medicine, George Goodhart.

    The method quickly gained popularity, and today, due to its effectiveness, it is among the ten most common practices of treatment without drugs - applied kinesiology is recognized worldwide as one of the promising areas of alternative medicine.

    J. Goodhart created his unique method of determining the disease and its treatment based on the work of the great physiologist, Nobel laureate Ivan Petrovich Pavlov. This scientist first suggested the relationship between the disease and the state of certain muscles. Applied kinesiology has proven that such a relationship exists. And in practice, she confirmed that diseases can be effectively treated by acting on one or another muscle.

    The connection between muscles and organs

    One of the advantages of the method, which the elite fitness club “5th Element” invites to try, is that in several sessions you can determine the exact cause of the indisposition. For this, manual muscle testing (MMT) is used. An experienced specialist can simply determine which of the organs is not working by simply pressing a certain muscle.

    It looks like this: an applied kinesiologist in turn probes each muscle group and muscle, if they react (contract) with a slight pressure, this means that a disease is present in the body.

    Experimentally, after conducting a large number of studies, the following relationship was established between muscles (muscle groups) and internal organs of a person:

    • pectoralis major muscle (sternum portion) is responsible for the stomach;
    • the pectoralis major muscle (clavicular portion) is responsible for the liver;
    • the gluteus maximus (pear-shaped) is responsible for the organs of reproduction;
    • the deltoid muscle is responsible for the stomach;
    • subscapularis responsible for the heart;
    • lumbar-iliac muscle responsible for the kidneys.

    Communication between organs and muscle tissues takes place at the level of neurons, there is a constant exchange of signals that the kinesiology specialist with MMT feels in the form of tissue contractions. One or two sessions are enough for an experienced specialist to get a complete picture of the disease and determine the method of treatment.

    A bit of holistic

    Many alternative techniques and chiropractors basically use developments similar to those used in applied kinesiology. The advantage of the method, which the guests of the fitness club “5th element” can use now, is that applied kinesiology offers a holistic system of assistance to people.

    Holistics (integrity) provides for treatment at several levels:

    • physical;
    • mental;
    • moral and spiritual.

    A positive result is achieved by the fact that a kinesiology specialist working in an elite fitness club “5th Element” not only identifies the diseased organ and treats it with the help of special manual techniques. During the session, he communicates with the visitor, influencing his psychological state with the methods of modern psychiatry and spiritual practices.

    Psychological aspects of applied kinesiology

    The relationship between the spiritual and physical states of a person has been confirmed by ancient doctors. The phrase about a healthy body and a healthy mind has become commonplace, but the essence that was laid in it more than two thousand years ago has remained unchanged.

    Applied kinesiology in Kiev is carried out comprehensively, which involves healing not only physical, but also spiritual. Many health problems, especially chronic ones, cause people to become depressed. Freedom from pain, the return of freedom of movement transforms a person, spiritually revives him.

    This is facilitated by communication with a specialist - practicing kinesiology specialist, and this combination of physical and psychological therapy gives surprising results.

    Practical use of applied kinesiology

    The diagnosis helps to set the diseased organ itself, and the subsequent effect on the muscles relieves spasm in it, restores blood circulation, normalizes internal pressure. Thanks to this, applied kinesiology helps:

    • to stabilize pressure, get rid of headaches, dizziness;
    • to restore blood circulation, which has a positive effect on potency and reproductive system;
    • to get rid of numbness, swelling;
    • to get rid of back and joint pains;
    • to correct a bearing, to return mobility to joints.

    And this is not a complete list of problems that our club specialists will help to get rid of.

    Applied kinesiology in Ukraine is already popular. Take advantage of the unique chance that gives you the elite fitness club “5th element”, and restore your health using this method.

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