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    Treatment of bruises, sprains, other injuries of muscles and tendons requires rest, but what about when it is not possible to fulfill this requirement? Taping comes to the rescue, which has been successfully used in the elite fitness club “5th Element” and brings our guests the most positive effect since 2010!

    What is kinesiotaping?

    The basis of kinesiology taping, or kinesiotaping is the principle of load transfer or discharge affected due to injuries of muscles, tendons and muscle groups. The technique was developed by a Japanese specialist in the field of reflexotherapy, a manual therapist Dr. Kenzo Kase. Working with the athletes, Dr. Kase faced this problem: due to the constant need to train, minor muscle damage eventually turned into a serious illness, and the solution to this puzzle was kinesiotaping, presented to the public in 1973. Thanks to him, conditions were created for constant support of muscles, muscle groups and tendons, the method also allowed to reduce the load on the damaged parts of the body, resulting in reduced pain and even completely disappeared, stopped the inflammatory process, while the body retained complete freedom of movement. The technique of Dr. Kase allowed athletes to continue their studies without interruption for post-traumatic rehabilitation. And even to restore the damaged parts of the muscle, without stopping the workout and without reducing the load. In the elite fitness club “5th Element” guests will be offered kinesiological taping in order to restore physical activity, limited or lost due to injury.

    How kinesiotaping is organized

    The name for Dr. Kase’s invention was made up of two words: Greek “kinesis”, that is, “movement”, and the English “tape” - “ribbon”. Today, the word “kinesiotaping” is used to denote the method throughout the world. To obtain a therapeutic effect, an elastic ribbon based on cotton is used; this material is not accidentally chosen by the inventor, because cotton has several important qualities:

    • it does not cause allergies;
    • passes air;
    • passes moisture.

    In the manufacture of the tape does not use fibers with chemical additives that can cause irritation on the skin, so that the tape can be worn for 5 days or more without removing it (the period of wearing is determined by the expert of our elite club “5th element”, depending on the picture of health). Fixation on the skin is carried out using a special adhesive composition based on polymer (acrylic). Substance, like cotton base, elastic, passes air, moisture. The adhesive is applied to the inner surface of the tape, ensuring a tight fit of the fabric over the entire surface and creating a tight fixation of the tape, which stretches and shrinks with the skin, thus there is an effect of tension that is necessary for the kinesiotaping to be effective. By the way, the material is resistant to the action of water, so you can swim with a ribbon in the pool and take water procedures.

    How it works

    Tape is elastic, able to stretch strongly (up to 90% of its original length). The degree of tension is similar to the tension of human skin, so when wearing the tape, it is almost not felt. Depending on the degree of muscle damage, which an experienced kinesiotherapy specialist will determine in the 5th element fitness club, the tape is stuck on the skin - tension arises that acts on the muscle just as a person usually does when the body instinctively squeezes the stretched inner tissues. The strength of the voltage can be adjusted, set it in the right direction, for which the tape is cut into pieces, holes are made in it, crosswise crossed. The most effective taping is the first 5 days. The tape relaxes the injured muscles, thereby creating an anesthetic and regenerating effect. The tape fixes the tissues in their natural position, eliminating stretching, displacement, as well as keeping the cartilage tissues of the joints in place, preventing them from moving.

    Using the method of Dr. Kase, you can:

    • stop the inflammatory process;
    • relax the muscle group;
    • gently stabilize the joint;
    • remove edema, hematoma.

    The tape helps to get rid of the pain and restore movement. The use of a tap helps to restore and stabilize the movement of lymph in the vascular system, improves metabolism. The tissue causes the skin to lift as it moves, and the movement of the lymph accelerates. All this helps to speed up the recovery of the damaged part of the body.

    To whom and when is necessary kinesiotherapy

    Treatment with a tape helps not only athletes and people leading an active lifestyle - the innovative technique is already used by drivers who have to be driving for a long time in the same position. By putting tape on the muscles of the back, they create a supportive effect that eliminates the inevitable pain. Kinesiotaping is also popular among passengers on airplanes making many hours of flights. But the main area of ​​use of the invention of Dr. Case remains sport. Since 2008 (from the Olympic Games in Beijing), an increasing number of athletes use the tape to protect their body from accidental injuries or to soften the effect of the injuries already received. Kinesiotherapy is in demand among those involved in fitness, various types of gymnastics and strength exercises - no one is immune from sprains, bruises and muscle tissue overstrain. For those who lead an active lifestyle, the presence kinesiotherapy services in the fitness center is very important. This method will also be very useful in the treatment of not only sports injuries, but also in case of: scapulohumeral periarthritis; epicondylitis; osteochondrosis of the spine; plantar fasciitis. Joint support helps with dislocations, relieves puffiness, pain, including headaches. The method of Dr. Kase will assist in postoperative rehabilitation, for example, in the healing of keloid scars. Kinesiological taping will speed up the healing process, shorten the time to restore the motor functions of the body. In addition to physical assistance, taping will help morally. The color of the tape will have an additional effect. Blue will cool, beige - soothe the skin. Guests of the elite fitness club “5th Element” are offered kinesiotaping in Kiev with maximum effect by medical specialists with many years of experience. Proper taping is the key to success in treatment. If you think that it is enough to buy a tape and stick it on a sore spot, then you are mistaken, because you can just as well wrap a sore spot with tape. The effect of therapy will be achieved only if the tape is glued to the muscles that need support, correctly. Pay attention to athletes who use kinesiotaping - tapes are applied to the skin in the form of complex patterns, intersect with each other, sometimes there are holes in them. This method is called multitaping, and it is used when it is necessary to immediately affect several muscle groups. In order for the tape to take over the load, it must be fixed appropriately, for which it is necessary to know not only the location of the muscles, but also the principles of their work. In addition, the tape should not be too tight, otherwise there will be excess pressure - and then, instead of treatment, more damage will be caused, and a weak tension will have no effect, because the tape will repeat the action after the skin. The sticker must be applied to the right place, without affecting other areas of the body that do not need help, and creating tension of the desired strength. Therefore, in order to achieve the maximum restorative and health-improving effect, it is recommended to contact specialists - they will help to fix the tape on the body correctly. In the elite fitness club “5th Element”, qualified specialists will not only competently perform taping, but also give advice on all matters related to the use of the tape. Here you can purchase a tape. For guests of our club for kinesiotaping price is affordable and affordable! We are waiting for you!

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    • Photo KINESIOTAPING — fitness club 5 element
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