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Fitness programs

You don’t like to do fitness alone? You inconvenienced cold indifference machines for health in the gym? You want to meet new people? Then, welcome to the group classes!

Our club offers an incredible variety of fitness classes. Just imagine: aerobic dance, strength and classes that present mixed format, FREEMOTION&SPINNING and indoor Cycling, MIND&BODY. As well as martial arts, functional training and classes aimed at recovery and rehabilitation.

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In our club you can use one of the 18 spacious studios. This guarantees you a place on a group lesson or a free gym for personal training.

Bokwa is a licensed product Bokwa-fitness (USA). PILOXING classes (a combination of dancing, Boxing, Pilates and classical dance), HOT IRON (power class with mini-bars) - it is new in Ukraine, certified, respectively by the Academy of piloxing (USA, California) and Iron System (Germany). By the way, certification and licensing give you confidence in the quality of products we offered. First, all the proposed exercises are specially designed fitness system that gives you the desired effect. Secondly, coaches club “5th element” should pass special training programs of companies. And, most importantly, the certification ensures regular updating of software classes. This means that each next seasonyou will find new interesting exercises under the fiery music.

Choose from the most popular classes you own preference class, in accordance with your level of training.

For beginners - aerobic classes: STEP, and TRACKING, as well as trendy Bokwa, which combines elements of African dance, capoeira, kickboxing and steps. Dance class BELLY DANCE BASIC and loved ZUMBA, which creates a unique combination of cardio workouts and exercises to strengthen the muscles. Class REAL RIDER - imitation road-racing exercise bikes new generation, exercises are performed in three planes and effectively affect the muscles of the abdomen and musculoskeletal system.

Intermediate - ADVANCED STEP - step lesson with complex coordination patterns. ROWING MIX - training with rowing trainer, TRX exercises for stretching. FIT-CROSS - functional training using a variety of fitness equipment.

For advanced - adorable HOT IRON - power class with mini-bars, aimed at training all major muscle groups, with the effect of jerseyana. And fashionable TRX training system on the equipment in the form of loops, which uses a training weight of his own body and develop strength, flexibility, endurance and balance the body.

You can combine a group workout with each other to complement their training in the pool or in the gym.

And what is the most importantly, you will deal with all it in company fo your friends! We Are Waiting For You!

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For the first time in Ukraine, a new world generation of sports equipment - Queenax. Training complex with the spirit of freedom and flight for your full functional training. The concept of sports equipment has now become perceived in a new way. The Italian multifunctional system Queenax, created in 4D format, is a new stellar level of training.

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Among the variety of programs aimed at losing weight, TRX-workouts are especially popular.

According to reviews, the program is relevant not only for beginners in fitness gyms who came there for a beautiful figure, but also for professionals, athletes, for whom it is important to constantly maintain their ideal physical shape.

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Freemotion workouts strengthen both superficial and deep muscles layers and improve motion coordination

Freemotion routines strengthen both superficial and deep muscles layers, improve coordination of motions.

Freemotion suggests new approach to the training – exercising the whole body when every muscle is considered as a link in the chain of simultaneously working muscles supporting human being’s natural movements. There is no any traditional weight training facility to run the gamut of human motions.

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Cycling workouts improve stamina, strengthen cardiovascular system, train legs and back muscles

We offer specialised Stationary Bicycles group and personal classes. The Cycling workouts improve stamina, strengthen cardiovascular system, train legs and back muscles. Trainings are held by skilful Trainers keeping a watchful eye on rhythm, resistance and load.

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Power aerobics

Aerobic Classes exercise cardiorespiratory stamina and improve blood pressure

Aerobic Classes exercise cardiorespiratory stamina and improve blood pressure, burn calories and reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases. In our Club we combine aerobics with functional training methods to achieve fast progress, protect spinal column from overloading, strengthen muscular corset and correct posture.

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Functional Training

Functional training aids to reach not only superficial muscles but also deep layers of muscles

Contemporary fitness is impossible to imagine without functional training aiming at deep muscles conditioning, muscular coordination, strength and stamina developing. Barbell press causes hand shaking?! Cannot easily hold balance on unstable surface?! This happens by reason of undeveloped coordination.

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Group step aerobics is a popular trend in modern fitness. It is a low-impact cardio workout based on simple movements using a height-adjustable elevation called a step platform. Step workouts help to form a toned figure and get rid of extra pounds without exceeding your physical capabilities. They can also be carried out at home by purchasing a step platform. But at home you will not be able to create that special atmosphere that exists only in group lessons. Step aerobics group`s workouts in Kiev are offered by the fitness center “5th Element”.

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Workout Gym

Gym Workout is not just a complex of gymnastic exercises in the gym with its own weight, but a peculiar aesthetics of the body, aimed at creating a beautiful sports figure.

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A fashion trend in modern fitness is group barre classes. This trend arose back in the middle of the last century, when the German ballerina Lotta Burke, having injured her spine, developed a system of exercises for her rehabilitation after an injury. Barre classes include ballet movements, yoga poses, Pilates and functional training, and therefore are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the core, arms, legs and back. This type of fitness does not require special sports or dance skills and physical fitness, so it is suitable even for beginners. Group barre training in Kiev is offered to everyone by the “5th Element” fitness center.

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Turns up incendiary music? Do you like to dance? Are you looking for an interesting physical direction for your body and soul? One of the best fitness clubs in Kiev invites you to the studio Zumba! Fascinating lessons under the guidance of an experienced Zumba instructor will help you to harmonize the emotional background, and also to become more plastic, slimmer and more attractive!

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Pole Dance Sport

Pole Sport is a modern trend in fitness, which has been actively developing since the beginning of this century. This direction combines dance movements, elements of aerial acrobatics and gymnastics. It is experiencing a real boom in popularity today. All movements and tricks during half-sports are performed with support for a pylon (pole) - a polished stainless steel tube, fixed vertically. The pole provides both glide and good grip on the dancer’s skin to lock the body on the pole. You can learn how to perform sports dances on a pole at the “5th Element” fitness center in Kiev.

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Dance Fitness Directions

«The 5th Element» the Healthy Pleasure Club features various Dancing Styles Classes

«The 5th Element» the Healthy Pleasure Club features various Dancing Styles Classes. Classic Dance is a base of dancing skills. Our Club’s Choreographers give dance classes to adults and children in specially equipped rooms. Are you about to have a special occasion? Attend our best professionals’ personal classes to master your wedding dance! Latin dances admirers will be pleased with salsa, merengue, cha-cha-cha and rumba. We offer all difficulty levels lessons: base, intermediate and advanced.

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Sky-jumping is a reliable, effective and absolutely affordable way to get in shape. Sky-jumping is a unique fitness program developed and patented in the Czech Republic. At its core is a set of exercises on a round trampoline with handles. Like fitness, sky-jumping is safe and healthy.

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Regular exercises Kangoo Jumps (jump exercises in special shock-absorbing shoes - “jumpers”) have a unique effect on the human body, contributing to the overall health, physical fitness and mental health.

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Nordic walking

Nordic FIT is an interval training consisting of Nordic walking (cardio) and weight training. This combination allows you to most effectively strengthen the main muscle groups and develop overall endurance.

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Running and walking in the gym

Walking and running are man’s most natural motions!

Walking and running are man’s most natural motions! Statistics says that postmen live longer than others. Walk more often to reduce number of illnesses and prolong life!

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Classes in yoga

Yoga trains concentration

Yoga helps overcome some illnesses, keep fit, exercise flexibility and increase range of motion.

Rapid pace of life, influence of events and people cause psychological and emotional disturbances later effecting personal fitness. Though controlling your thinking, dominating your emotions and spiritual self-perfecting you will acquire harmony, peace and happiness. Yoga aids in rising to higher spiritual levels! Yoga is an ancient teaching based on two notions – purification and improvement.

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Fly Yoga

Fly-yoga is a combination of Ayurvedic practice and various physical exercises found in fitness, aerobics, gymnastics.

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There is no other exercise to strengthen your body so gently

Pilates is one of the most safe physical fitness systems! There is no other exercise to strengthen your body so gently. Pilates strengthens muscles supporting correct position of spinal column and the inward parts of the body. The workouts help look good, get flexible, gracious and slim. Another distinctive advantage of Pilates is its availability to everyone regardless of the age, bodily constitution, training level or sex. Pilates workouts are especially beneficial for women in the antepartum and puerperal period.

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Pilates is one of the most popular fitness activities, which you can exercise on a rug or special exercise equipment. Pilates on exercise machines in Kiev is available to all members of the “5th Element” fitness center. We offer group lessons on the world’s most famous simulator - Pilates Allegro Reformer, under the guidance of experienced instructors, to our club card`s holders. Pilates on the “Allegro” reformer will help to improve the technique of performing exercises and get the maximum effect from the training process.

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Aerostretching (fly-stretching) - a type of sports training aimed at stretching the spine, stretching and strengthening muscle groups, ligaments and joints. Unlike classic stretching, flystretching exercises are performed not on the floor, but in a suspended position. To do this, use a special hammock, which is a wide woven fabric, the ends of which are attached to the ceiling with alpine carbines, forming the likeness of a swing. Hammock exercises, performed under the influence of your own weight, help to achieve good stretching in a soft, delicate way, to feel harmony with yourself and your body. Those interested in aerostretching in Kyiv are invited to group and individual trainings by the fitness center “5 element”.

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Stretching is a form of physical exercise aiming at improving the muscle’s elasticity

Stretching is a muscle’s elasticity improving physical exercise. It is ideal for harmonious muscles training. Stretching enhances workouts’ quality and prevents injury. It is also a perfect way to relax muscles after day activity and to get into good physical and emotional condition on mild exertion on your heart.

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The fitness industry is constantly evolving with new forms of physical activity. One of them is MFR-training, which today is also presented in the schedule of group programs of the 5th element fitness center. MPF stands for myofascial release, and it is a self-massage aimed at relaxing and releasing the muscle fascia. Fascia is a sheath of connective tissue that covers blood vessels, nerves and internal organs. In our case, we are talking about the fascia covering the muscles (mio). When the fascia sticks together (loss of elasticity), the muscles cannot slide freely relative to each other, which leads to pain and other problems. Massage helps to sever the fascia and increase elasticity, relieve spasms and clamps, and relax deep muscles.

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