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Children’s Birthdays

Want to favour your child with an unforgettable party?

Would you like to favour your child with an unforgettable party?

«The 5th Element» Family Club will be pleased to help you with this! Your wishes and your child’s dreams will come true while Chef’s fabulous dishes will make birthday child’s and his guests’ day!

Bright and memorable children’s birthday entertainment programs are based on parents’ requests and kids’ age interests. We are ready to plan your one-and-only Birthday party!

Our proposal:
Would you like to favour your little cutie with an unordinary gift? Then it is for you …
Believe in Miracle and Fairytale will throw its door open to you!

  • Offsite Events
  • Theme Parties
  • Photo fantasy
  • Photographer Service
  • Party balloons
  • Fireworks, firecrackers, candles, sky lantern
  • Favourite fairytale hero, Ded Moroz and Snegurochka or Santa Clause visit
  • One-and-only service… Favour your child with a SURPRISE for his or her Birthday!
  • Exotic
  • Bubbles
  • Micgomagic
  • Fakirs
  • Equilibrium-cycle
  • Equilibrium-East
  • Crystal Balance
  • Puppet show

If you desire to arrange for your child true inimitable child’s Birthday party we will help you turn any celebration into a memorable journey to the Fairyland.



Length – 3 hours

For ages 8 to 17

Real heroes are not afraid of water! So, they will easily and courageously pass all tests arranged by noble pirates. On their way heroes will meet storms, life rafts, pirates’ board, bottles with messages, mysterious maps, galleons and pilasters… The program is created in keeping with the best traditions of adventure genre. Be ready for engrossing battle between two teams, ingenious traps, seas of excitement and adrenalin.

The Heroes to win will be awarded while the memories of this offbeat competition will turn to a real legend.



Length – 2 hours

For ages 5 to 10

Do you want to come through all trials of a real primitive tribe?! Then, come on! You should help Tribal leader OHO-OHO and Shaman WOW who have got lost in time and space. After a Birthday child and his friends cross the rapid stream of a mountain river, peat bog, go hunting, master basics of primitive communication, create like-minded tribe, they can collect five elements needed for the magic ritual which puts everyone to the place and time where he/she belongs. Let’s go! Adventures are waiting!!!



Length – 2 hours

For ages 9 to 14

Do you feel drive? Are you ready for extreme journeys? Speed, team, adventures, play to the max are your passion! Pass this feeling of life to your friends on your Birthday! Activate your most inactive friends and favour those who are as vital as you are… Do you want your Birthday to be a memory to treasure? Then, come on! Extreme adventure is already waiting for you and your friends! Get ready for secrets, codes, labyrinth of obstacles, chamber of horrors, the key to the symbols of 5 elements and… a TRIUMPH of course! Are you with us?!



Length – 2 hours

For ages 7 to 10

Star Order waits for its heroes! The program is created in keeping with the best traditions of fantasy. This game attracts those children who are thrilled with endless expanse of the Universe along with jousts for the honour and dignity. The lead characters are Duke Nirro de On and Knight the Lion-Heart - the members of the Star Order. Their mission is to safe the Planet destroyed by star-shower. Together with the Birthday child and his guests they form a real Star Order rescue party. Hand in hand they piece together 5 basic elements of the Universe and re-create the ruined world.



Length – 3 hours

For ages 9 to14

Are you ready for real adventures and trials waiting for you and your friends as you will conquer the Castle of 5 Elements?! A Birthday child calls together his devoted and brave fellows. As one they prove to CASTLE KEEPERS their ability to break all secrets, to avoid traps, to help their friends conquer Unassailable Tower and cross deep gulf. Skills and gumption, a will to win and true friendship will be needed during your quest. Are you ready to challenge yourself? Then, come on! Castle keepers may call you a winner! And of course be sure of the lavish feast!



Length – 2 hours

For ages 5 to 8

This program is a mix of the best mysterious Eastern fairy tales. You will feast in SULTAN’S palace, savour delicacies cooked by the best chefs, master the ceremonial of the court and join Aladdin in his fascinating journey across deserts and mountains, seas and oceans to get hold of Djinn’s secret. Romance and adventures wait for a Birthday child and his friends.



Length – 3 hours

For ages 9 to 14

Play masters are Corporal and Sergeant. That’s where the courage school begins! A Birthday child and his friends will get into field conditions. Children get into two detachments and travel through the Club accomplishing not simple but interesting missions: they put up a tent, get over a bog, compete in sharpshooting, smartness, perception reaction time; solve logic tasks, call a halt and make a meal, pack into a sleeping-bag and there is more to come! The final brings to them deserved prizes, cheer and pleasant surprises.



Length – 2 hours

For ages 5 to 9

Somewhere in «The 5th Element» Club runs invisible Line of Miracles – а rainbow. To let a miracle happen one should collect all seven colours. And to obtain all colours of the rainbow one should overcome obstacles and accomplish tricky missions. But, no doubt, a Birthday child and his friends will easily get through this challenge for they have all the merits needed in addition to the help of skilled helpers – Raylet and Droplet.

Lots of advantages wait for children on their way to miracle: they will surmount the obstacles; meet wonders and puzzles and of course have a good time! After their long journey, they will enjoy Birthday cake very much.



Length – 2 hours

For ages 5 to 8

So much fun to play together! And even more fun to find yourself in a fairy tale. Isn’t it amazing to turn to a character of a fairy tale?! This program features dozens of games, lovely music and fairy tale characters. Your children will be able to play instruments, try themselves in acting and even become storytellers! A kind enchantress called Viola invites everyone to ride on the Fairy tale merry-go-round. The fairy hobby-class will teach you to make true miracles. During your travel from a fairy tale to a fairy tale, you become both a creator and a leading character of this unique fairy game!



Length – 2 hours

For ages 3 to 7

The Plasticine City is known around the world for its remarkable beauty. Everything about it was bright, colourful, wonderful and magic! But one morning the inhabitants woke up in a black and white world – all colours disappeared all of a sudden. And just the keepers of the City’s secrets– wizard Almansor and Marya-skilful - know how to restore Plasticine City’s beauty. They can safe the City with the help of a Birthday child and his friends only. Come on! A fairy tale waits! Program’s developing games along with craft and music classes will give your children a joy of team creation together with the magic of a kind fairy tale and make the party a memory to treasure. Fairy feast will take place in the most beautiful Castle – the Castle of children’s dream and imagination!



Length – 2 hours

For infants (ages 2 to 5)

The most bright and memorable Birthday program for infants! In company with cheerful party masters babies sing, dance and do crafts in a hobby-class. The program considers infant development peculiarities and features not only entertainments but also developing activities promoting logic, motor skills, coordination of movements, sense of rhythm and other skills development. Our Crambambulki will inspire positive emotions for long!


Length – 1 hour

For ages 1 to 2

This program features everything a Birthday baby and his friends will be fond of: active games promoting coordination of movements and motion skills development along with fascinating creative classes. And what more they will take up with music and wonderful instruments. Careful and nice party masters will assist tiny winy participants of the game. Birthday food will be both delicious and wholesome!

We will consider all your wishes to create an exclusive and unique celebration program for your very child.

We will turn into reality any your idea. Even unbelievable is possible! Favour your child with a Birthday party to remember!

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