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Stretching is a form of physical exercise aiming at improving the muscle’s elasticity

Stretching is a muscle’s elasticity improving physical exercise. It is ideal for harmonious muscles training. Stretching enhances workouts’ quality and prevents injury. It is also a perfect way to relax muscles after day activity and to get into good physical and emotional condition on mild exertion on your heart.

To achieve flexibility and to become nimble on your fit add Stretching workouts to your regular aerobic and fitness trainings. If you wish, our Trainers will create an individual workout program for you. Stretch exercisers keep calm and focused on breathing while training.

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5️⃣ Stretching — why in the club "5 Element"

Stretching in the "5 Element" club - it is relaxation and taking care of your body. Here you can relax and take time for yourself.

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Stretching — You can order a subscription to the fitness club "5 Element" on the website in the menu section "Club cards".

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Stretching — visit and see the best service in town.

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You can get acquainted with all the news of the club on the website in the section "News".
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Elena Demchenko
Клуб "5 элемент" - очень классное место для всей семьи! Мои ходят в бассейн и тренажёрку, а я забегаю на стретчинг. Занятия в группе эффективнее, чем дома. Тренер компетентный, место красиво оборудовано.

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