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Water aerobics

Water aerobics is incredibly popular classes, after all because it gives you an opportunity to train in the water with fun, comfortable and safe! Depending on the type and complexity Aqua aerobics involves various aquaintence: dumbbells and special gloves, blades, and discs, steps and noodle, weights and elastic bands, medbay and much more. Classes under energetic music delivered by experienced trainers who set the pace and observe proper exercise training.

Those who argue that aerobics are easy, fun, can disappoint the difficulty of the exercises a few times a workout on land. Imagine how much force will you use when you need “only” to walk in the water!

Training in water aerobics are the best tool in the fight against excess weight. You can often hear the surprised cries of the people who first come to class in the pool: the load is greater than at the gym! There is no risk of personal injury, to overload the cardiovascular system, and, most importantly, these exercises help to reduce the “no” shock load on the spine and joints. On the effectiveness of one session in the water is equal to three in the hall: by overcoming the resistance of the water muscles are tone, increased flexibility, activates metabolic processes in the body, relieves stress, strengthens the immune system, improves skin tone.

Aerobic classes can visit everything! Not even knowing how to swim, people can attend - Aquapalace and gloves will help to stay afloat. Aquaintence significantly increases the intensity of exercise, and also helps to add variety to your workout and make them more fun and intense. No wonder most fans of Aqua aerobics note that classes in the water are much more fun than simple group workout in a gym.

Power Aqua aerobics classes involve a load slightly higher than normal aerobic. Training in use of power equipment: dumbbells, weights, rubber, fins, which adds a load due to the additional resistance. The more interesting and becomes more efficient workout, and sometimes… more fun.

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Вікторt, ціна відрізняється не тільки від карти до карти, але і залежить від того, як ви плануєте відвідувати клуб: поодинці, сім'єю, з друзями і т.д. Отже, варіантів цін однієї і тієї ж карти буде багато.
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У меня проблема с позвоночником, поэтому выбрала для себя бассейн - оптимальный вариант для меня. За месяц стало ощутимо легче, да и тонус мышц и организма на порядок выше. Бассейн отличный, тренера грамотные - я довольна)
Дякуємо, що написали відгук про нашу роботу. Для нас це дуже важливо. Ви мали рацію, що вибрали плавання, яке зміцнюють організм, а щільність води захищає від травм під час виконання вправ. Тому плавання рекомендують як терапію під час реабілітації після травм, операцій або деяких хронічних хвороб.

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