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    Yoga trains concentration

    Yoga helps overcome some illnesses, keep fit, exercise flexibility and increase range of motion.

    Rapid pace of life, influence of events and people cause psychological and emotional disturbances later effecting personal fitness. Though controlling your thinking, dominating your emotions and spiritual self-perfecting you will acquire harmony, peace and happiness. Yoga aids in rising to higher spiritual levels! Yoga is an ancient teaching based on two notions – purification and improvement.

    ​Yoga exercise opens door to spiritual aspects of life teaching how to give the good, to check anger and to exude vital energy. Yoga activity consists of Asana (postures), Pranayama (breath control), Bandha (binding, putting together) and Mudra (spiritual gesture) practices. «The 5th Element» The Healthy Pleasure Club features Hatha Yoga, Sahaja Yoga, Agni Yoga and Tantra Yoga classes.

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    • Photo Classes in yoga — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo Classes in yoga — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo Classes in yoga — fitness club 5 element

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    5️⃣ Classes in yoga — why in the club "5 Element"

    Classes in yoga in the "5 Element" club - it is relaxation and taking care of your body. Here you can relax and take time for yourself.

    ⭐️ Classes in yoga — order a subscription

    Classes in yoga — You can order a subscription to the fitness club "5 Element" on the website in the menu section "Club cards".

    🎫 Classes in yoga — service at the highest level is guaranteed!

    Classes in yoga — visit and see the best service in town.

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    You can get acquainted with all the news of the club on the website in the section "News".
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