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Types of workouts

All types of exercise in the fitness club "5th element"

The effectiveness and efficiency of workouts increasingly depend on the correct schedule and format of classes. The Kyiv club “5th element” holds various types of sports training, suitable for both experienced athletes and beginners.
The workouts choice depends on a combination of several factors, namely:

Each type of training process has its own characteristics and advantages. The format of classes change, alternates often, which allows you to practice individually certain skills and achieve certain results.

• type of sports activities and the ability to conduct classes in the chosen format (fitness, boxing, athletics, football, swimming);

• physical training, professional level of the athlete;

• set goals and objectives;

• individual coach recommendations;

• wishes of the ward.

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    Select a training type

    • Personal training - one-on-one training sessions with your trainer. This type of training is suitable for beginners and those who want to achieve certain sports results according to an individual program compiled by a personal instructor. The effectiveness of the process is in selecting from the coach the optimal load according to the characteristics of the ward’s body, determining the correct daily routine, making a balanced diet, etc. The schedule of personal training depends on the client’s free time and can be adjusted by mutual consent. This type of training is suitable for fitness, swimming, bodybuilding, exercise therapy, etc.

    • Group training - the most common format of activities, which is suitable for both collegial and individual sports. Classes are held in groups under the guidance of an experienced instructor. The group is selected on physical, age, gender principles and is based on achievement of the individual purpose in a team. This type of training is relevant for completely different sports - from simple Pilates to CrossFit.

    • Mini-group workouts- the most common type of training in the fitness industry. The concept of the program is based on training in small groups of up to 5-6 people with the use of various sports equipment. Being in the team, each participant performs an individual task, indicated by the instructor. Exercises are selected according to the physical fitness level and the goals. Small groups’ activities include elements of strength training, functional training, endurance, cardio. This is an average option between group and individual type of training. Among the “pluses”: personal contact with the mentor and teamwork as an important aspect of motivation.

    • Sparring training is a type of tandem sport. It can be working with a sparring partner or an instructor who acts as an opponent. Boxing is a classic example of this type of training. Working in pairs involves practicing blows, performing defense actions in direct contact with a sparring partner.

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    Personal Training

    Personal training in the fitness club "5th element": individualized fitness program

    Personal training is quite a popular type of exercise in modern fitness, which involves contact between the instructor and the client. Individual exercises consider the gender, age, physical shape, body characteristics, wishes and tasks to be achieved.

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    Group trainings

    Group classes in the fitness club “5th element”

    We recommend group training for clients who don’t enjoy exercise alone and prefer collegial classes in the gym or fitness center!

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    Mini groups workouts

    Personal training is the individual work of the instructor with the client, which guarantees high efficiency of the training process and achievement of the set results in the shortest possible time. The organization of classes in mini-groups involves personal training with a mentor. As a form of training process, individual classes are possible on a separate schedule outside of group forms.

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    Sparing trainings

    The success of an athlete’s performance at competitions depends on the training`s quality. It is necessary to train not only physical qualities, but also psychological skills to anticipate the actions of the enemy and be ready to respond to them. One of the effective types of training process, which is ideal for strength sports, is sparring (translated from English - “fight”).

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