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    Free Weights and Weight Training Room is situated on the first level of the Fitness Club’s Training Room.

    A skilful Trainer always supports you on your Free Weights and Weight training. At your introduction training he will help you understand what’s what in the great variety of weight equipment and cardio machines, he will also consider your goals to create an effective and safe personal exercise routine (for free).

    Weight training can help you build muscles and define your body, lose weight, prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system, tone up tendons and ligaments, shape your body and relieve stress.

    Some self-training people become disappointed with weight workouts. Up-to-date Weight Room exercise consists of various routines where functional training methods, free weights and weight lifting equipment, special-purpose and cardio machines are used. Add to this professional knowledge of fitness, nutrition and physiology. Our expert Trainers will lead you to your target, considering individual differences of your body.

    One-on-one Personal Training gives you:

    Maximum effectSafety and minimum injury riskTime savingHigh efficiency and quick recoveryMotivationVariety of methods and intensityNutrition recommendationsThere is no better way to guarantee results and to get used to healthy pleasure than to work with one of our excellent Personal Trainers!

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    • Photo Weight Room — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo Weight Room — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo Weight Room — fitness club 5 element