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Today, everyone has access to a wide range of training complexes, thanks to which you can quickly bring yourself into good physical shape and significantly improve self-esteem. Crossfit is a relatively new direction of fitness for the Ukrainian consumer. At the heart of the program for the development of physical qualities that is popular on all continents is a special training system that is relevant for professional athletes and for ordinary people who want to lose a few extra pounds on the eve of vacation. Crossfit in Kiev is associated with the elite fitness club “5th Element”, which is not accidental: there is a specially equipped crossfit room on the basis of our complex, and the trainings are conducted by professional instructors. If the development of speed, strength and endurance is included in your personal modeling program - sign up for a crossfit fitness club now! You can buy a subscription to the Crossfit Hall by phone: our consultant will tell you about all the advantages of the chosen direction and help you navigate with a convenient schedule of classes.

Crossfit: an effective training complex in Kiev at Podol.

The purpose of the crossfit, as a functional strength training, is to help a person to achieve maximum results with the help of general physical training. The methodology was developed in the United States as a harmonious training complex, which soon became interested in special forces, police and firefighters. The results of systematic crossfit training at the gym were visible after the first ten days. The technique was approved by all those who were interested in innovations in the field of fitness and healthy lifestyles, and since the beginning of the 2000s, thanks to popularization on the Web, Crossfit has been learned all over the world, including in Europe, Ukraine and Kiev. The training program is based on inclusive fitness, but the peculiarity of the methodology is the rejection of narrow specialization. You can find elements of many strength sports in the complex of dynamic exercises. Among the advantages of crossfit is the absence of strict requirements for the level of initial physical fitness. In other words, everyone can come to the gym, having a vague idea, including “serious” gymnastics. The training complex is available to men and women, regardless of age, weight, and nuances of physique. The same program is suitable for both champions of the ring, who are at the peak of their sports career, and people with disabilities of the heart, respiratory system, and musculoskeletal system. The intensity changes, the load is adjusted and the weight used, but the essence of the unique training remains the same!

To the healthy lifestyle with Crossfit workouts

The set of exercises repeated after a trainer forms a chain with a reprise. Among the fundamental differences between crossfit and standard trainings in a circle we single out:

  • the use of loads aimed at the formation of several physical skills and qualities at once. Based on this, the system is divided into three complementary parts: gymnastics, weightlifting and cardio-complex;
  • each lesson is as functional as possible and consists of exercises using both rowing and exercise bikes, and with free weight (barriers, bench presses, jerks, jerks, jumps, as well as a symbiosis of these actions, but with dumbbells, barbells, weights);
  • Several physical qualities are being worked out, but on different training days, for example, in combination: for endurance and strength, for endurance and agility, etc.

Crossfit is a leader in the development of general physical training.

To make the result of practicing crossfit quick and positive, your desire alone is not enough - a specially prepared hall and an experienced coach are needed. Our instructors, who are ready to share all the professional secrets of fitness, will help you to use the crossfit system with the highest quality. Gyms of the club “5th Element” - one of the best in Kiev! People come from all districts of the capital and even from the suburbs to Petrovka, to engage in crossfit. If necessary, you can get advice from a specialized physician, whose tips and recommendations will also help use the most complex techniques, which include jerks, exercises with rings and others. The result of the correct distribution of physical activity is logical - excellent health and excellent shape!

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