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Individual trainings with a coach

Many of those who are just going to buy a subscription to a fitness club or already engaged in, ask yourself a question: do I need a personal trainer? This section we have created for You to be able to find the answer to tantalizing you question!

All members of our club, doing the coaches got the result!

Don’t believe, then look at real examples of what members of our club were after individual lessons.

Who a personal trainer is and why is he needed?

  • First of all, he is a master in his field - fitness, Pilates, bodybuilding, boxing, or the like - thoroughly knowing all the pros and cons of some kind of training. And if desire is the most important thing for a client, the coach knows from the outside whether this kind of sport is right for you and what results you can achieve. The coach will help you to more accurately determine your goal and suggest the best ways to achieve it.
  • A professional trainer has in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology and will create an individual training program based on your personal data: gender, age, height, weight, build, fitness level, and so on; and also corrects it, if necessary, depending on the primary result.
  • Correct exercise - only 30% of success. The trainer will develop a special diet and daily regimen that will maximize the achievement of the goal.
  • And the last, for many, the most important: fitness or training with a trainer in the gym is a guarantee of comprehensive control, observance of discipline and quality of training and, as a result, a faster and 100% positive result of your efforts. When you think that everything has already been done and really want to give yourself relief (which, in principle, is normal for human psychology), the mere thought that you have to explain your weakness is already quite a strong incentive for more intensive work.

What is your personal trainer?

Get ready for the fact that your relationship with a personal trainer can hardly be called friendly. A personal trainer is rather a teacher who shows, explains, reminds, controls and demands execution. Anyone who will not stop halfway, but will delve into all the nuances of your physical and psychological state. A good personal trainer writes in detail in a special diary each of your workouts, compares the results, draws conclusions. He knows everything about the client’s state of health, nutrition, and daily routine, and uses this information to achieve the maximum positive result. Practically, he is with you not only in training, but also in touch at any moment. And he is also a physically beautiful, strong-willed and comprehensively developed person, who really wants to be like.

Additional benefits of individual training with a trainer.

  • You have the opportunity to easily combine fitness with work or study, by making your own training schedule, which those who work in the group do not have;
  • the trainer will monitor the correctness of the exercises and the number of approaches during the workout, will insure if you are engaged in free weights;
  • explains the need for an exercise or dietary requirements in an accessible way;
  • selects the exercise for the same muscle group on another simulator so that the muscles do not get used to it;
  • a personal example and relaxed relationship is a good motivation, as well as a disposition towards the result, plus a charge of positive emotions, which you get by talking to a master of your craft.

Why personal training with a trainer is the best choice for beginners?

If you are visiting a fitness workout or gym for the first time, you simply cannot do without consulting a personal trainer. Even under the condition that you are sufficiently “in the subject” and catch the information literally on the fly, the first month or two is better to work out under his professional care. So you will learn:

  • to correctly determine the intensity of training;
  • technically correct to perform various exercises;
  • select the optimal weight burden for strength training.

Additionally, you will receive:

  • a special training program, which you will be able to use yourself in the future;
  • competent answers to all questions you are interested in regarding classes, catering and daily routine.

But even starting independent workouts, it is better to periodically resume classes with a trainer - for learning new exercises or correcting the program.

Classes with a personal trainer in the gym “5th Element” (Kiev)

The coaching staff of the club is chosen with special care. Mandatory conditions: availability of a special certificate and constant confirmation of a high level of professionalism, advanced training at training seminars and master classes in Ukraine and abroad, good physical shape and the ability to make contact with any person. The coaches of the club will find an individual approach to each client, regardless of whether he is new or already has experience, develops an optimal training program and creates a comfortable psychological atmosphere for training. In their work, individual instructors actively use new directions and training systems, authoring and foreign developments. Classes with a personal trainer in the gym of the club is not only the rapid achievement of results, but also the maximum attention to the client, his success and mood; Trust the experts of our club. They will help you organize high-quality fitness, healthy recreation and proper nutrition, relieve emotional tension, get rid of complexes and extra pounds.

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