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    The Club features invigoration, relaxation and segmentary-reflex classic massage techniques

    The Club offers classical health-improving, relaxing and segmentary-reflexing massage techniques. The skilful hands and long experience of the “The 5th Element” massage therapists will not leave you indifferent.

    Children’s massage office is available every day. A professional massage therapist provides preventive, therapeutic, for newborn babies, warming and relaxation (helpful before and after training sessions) massage. Children’s massage professional will recommend flat foot prevention and treatment methods.

    Our list of 35 massage methods offers the widest variety of massage methods accessible in Kiev:

    Reposition – motion patterns and load vector correction;
    Revitalisation – physiological and functional properties of the human body restoring;
    Keyraku Amma «The golden mean» – Japanese recovery system that influences muscles, joints, ligaments, vascular and nervous system.
    Massage Course promotes metabolism and musculoskeletal system function improvement.
    MAORI Rhythm and harmony reach the most shadowed corners of your soul.
    JUMEIHO is a mix of the best east techniques
    BAREFOOTED SHIATSU is a dynamic body treatment held on futon.
    MYOFASCIAL MASSAGE is a deep and intensive technique recommended after vigorous workouts
    Most of our time we spend either in our offices near computers or driving our cars through the big-city traffic jams! Then, on weekends, we prefer to catch up on sleep instead of fitness activities. Such sedentary lifestyle paired with unbalanced nutrition and stresses undermines our general well-being including muscle system. Osteopathy will help you recover. These absolutely careful and tender techniques will suit both newborn babies and elderly people.
    «Silhouette» Osteopathic body shaping decreases size, reshapes body contours, improves skin surface, promotes lymphatic drainage and venous blood flow, «up-grades life standards».
    Osteopathic manual lymphatic drainage activates lymphatic system and improves body fluid balance.

    • Shi-Tao Hot stone body massage promoting revitalizing.
    • Thai massage balances state of mind, relieves stress and improves immunity.
    • Foot-massage or reflexology therapy is a one-of-a-kind method for activating internals.
    • Thai Aroma massage is a deep therapeutic massaging with the use of pre blended aroma oils. This type of massage soothes your body and encourages a peaceful mind along with general well being.
    • Relax massage promotes cheerful mind and general health.
    • «Gold» Massage Anti-aging effect of solid gold paired with the unique Shea-yan butter components promotes natural level of cell function.
    • «Exotic Asia» Massage Thai herbal heat compress nourishes and refreshes skin though the use of herbal extracts. The Massage promotes natural skin balance.
    • Zen-Touch Shiatsu promotes general well-being. Treats any disease through energy channel reactivating.
    • Chiromassage reduces puffiness and overweight, relaxes aching muscles, detoxifies and rises metabolism.
    • Anti-Cellulite Massage improves skin surface.
    • Cupping Massage removes cellulite, rises metabolism and circulation, promotes muscle tone and elasticity. Also treats osteochondrosis, bad cold, bronchitis and pneumonia.
    • Face Massage is a safe and effective anti-aging treatment. The course includes face; neck and decollete zone metabolic skin care as well as face contour improvement. The massage paired with the professional cosmetics produces perfect effect. Skin becomes smooth, elastic and looks younger.
    • Manual innovative correction method is aimed to improve physical and emotional well-being. It includes metabolic, shaping and mobilizing massage.Besides, manual correction method is used. It includes:
    • Functional back tonus improvement program is one-of-a-kind technique that includes know-how based on backache removing massage methods from all over the world.LOMILOMI NUI – Hawaiian sacred massage is one of the most ancient and capable forms of recovery.

    Tender massage techniques

    «Slight legs» Procedure re-invigorates tired feet and legs. You will flit about after this treatment.

    «The 5th Element» massage therapists’ mission and aim is to keep up health, strength and beauty!!!

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    • Photo Massage — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo Massage — fitness club 5 element

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    Massage in the "5 Element" club - it is relaxation and taking care of your body. Here you can relax and take time for yourself.

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    Massage — You can order a subscription to the fitness club "5 Element" on the website in the menu section "Club cards".

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    Massage — visit and see the best service in town.

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