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Gym Workout is not just a complex of gymnastic exercises in the gym with its own weight, but a peculiar aesthetics of the body, aimed at creating a beautiful sports figure.

One of the most popular types of fitness today is training with its own weight. We are pleased to offer workout classes. Gym Workout is not just a complex of gymnastic exercises in a gym with its own weight, performed on standard constructions for gymnastics (crossbar, parallel bars and rings), but a peculiar aesthetics of the body aimed at creating a beautiful sports figure.

But the goal is not simple muscle building, but an increase in their functionality. This allows you to develop physically and enjoy the exercise of complex exercises, bordering on sports gymnastics. This type of training is available for people of any gender, age and level of fitness, and only health condition is a limitation for it.

What workout training includes, their benefits

Workout originated in the late twentieth century as a form of street training to perform complex elements on the available projectiles. As a result, the muscles received relief and strengthened physical strength and endurance. Workout sessions involve a combination of dynamic and static loads using the following basic elements:

  • pull-ups on the crossbar or rings;
  • push-ups on the uneven bars, from the floor and other items;
  • leg lifts in the legs;
  • various squats.

Many exercises are performed simply on the floor. The main advantages of this type of fitness:

  • no need for complex and expensive simulators. All exercises are performed with the weight of your own body on the simplest sports equipment;
  • rapid formation of muscle mass and beautiful muscle relief due to the involvement of all muscle groups in the training process;
  • lack of periodization in workout training, when there are no stringent requirements for the duration of cycles of loads, breaks between approaches and a rest period between exercises. The determining factor is only the well-being of the athlete;
  • the ability to achieve the ideal ratio of muscle mass to body weight.

Gym Workout training, which, unlike Street Workout, is held in the gym, helps shorten the rehabilitation period for athletes after an injury. In addition to the formation of a beautiful athletic figure and the development of endurance, such classes allow you to:

  • improve overall health;
  • strengthen the muscles of the back, shoulder girdle and abs;
  • normalize the nervous system due to the mass of positive emotions;
  • strengthen the vestibular apparatus;
  • develop agility and strength.

Workout for beginners in the fitness center “5 element”

The main problem for a beginner just starting a workout is the unprepared vestibular apparatus. Therefore, the first training should be approached with a certain degree of caution, without resorting to complex stunts on the shells. Workout classes for beginners include the following exercises:

  • warm-up and stretching
  • handstands;
  • deep slow squats;
  • various types of push-ups (from the floor on one and two hands, on the uneven bars);
  • pull-ups on the crossbar with direct and reverse grip;
  • learning elementary elements (lift-coup, exits, etc.);
  • workout press.

Gradually, you can go to hanging upside down and the complexity of the exercises with an increase in their intensity.

Training beginners in the workout section in our fitness center in Kiev are conducted by experienced professional trainers. They will help you choose the right set of exercises and teach you the proper dosing of the load with its gradual increase. Sign up for a Gym Workout class on the phone numbers listed on the site!

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