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    Everyone knows about fitness, but not many people know what rehabilitation fitness is and how it differs from most methods, therapeutic gymnastics and other types of rehabilitation exercises offered by various sports studios.

    You will find the answer this question by contacting the elite fitness club “5th Element”, where our certified rehabilitation trainer will advise you and help you choose the optimal program for the successful return of activity to your body.

    Rehabilitation fitness: what is it?

    Rehabilitation fitness is a system of exercises for restoring the functions of the musculoskeletal system, which is based on movement therapy. The system is created from the combination of traditional and modern health techniques. To achieve the maximum effect, only time-tested, proven forms are used:

    • treatment-and-prophylactic physical education;
    • traditional strength training;
    • functional fitness;
    • fascial fitness;
    • manual techniques.

    Exercises are combined with each other, and the exact program for the guests of the “5th Element Club” is a trainer-rehabilitation therapist who has the appropriate certificate and owns the basic techniques of restoring body activity. In fitness rehabilitation, the number of exercises performed is strictly dosed, complexes of passive movements with a correctly selected amplitude are used, as well as recommended initial body positions. In some cases, rehabilitation training includes classes on special equipment, and in addition, controlled breathing is used in the process, which helps to improve the result of classes due to relaxation of the nervous system, relaxation of organs, and cell saturation with oxygen.

    In some cases, a sports rehabilitation therapist is recommended.

    First of all, fitness rehabilitation is necessary for people who have had surgery on their limbs or joints. Also, the system is necessary for those who suffered serious injuries of the musculoskeletal system and undergoes a course of recovery after treatment. But not only they were shown classes in the fitness club “5th Element” - to restore strength, restore freedom to movements, and to themselves - activity can also be people:

    • leading a sedentary lifestyle;
    • advanced age (over 55 years old);
    • with cardiovascular diseases;
    • with metabolic function disorders.

    A rehabilitation coach will also help those who have neurological manifestations of spinal osteochondrosis, a musculoskeletal disease, poor posture, and occasionally or constantly back pain. Gentle set of exercises designed for such cases. Rehabilitation training is indicated for pregnant women and mothers immediately after childbirth - exercises will help restore all body functions that have changed during childbirth. Classes also contribute to the normalization of metabolism, so visit the elite fitness club “5th Element” is recommended for people with diseases of the endocrine system, diabetes, obesity.

    What are the results of rehabilitation fitness?

    An experienced coach and rehabilitator of the club will help to achieve amazing results - the changes will appear after the first lesson: the movement stereotype of movement and calm body position will change. Such metabolic processes as blood circulation, tissue oxygen supply, and body fluids are activated. Normal pressure and sleep. After the first classes, muscle spasms, headaches, as well as pains in the joints and back will disappear. Recreational fitness rejuvenates the body in a literal sense: flexibility will appear in the joints, the body will become like a new one, and the metabolism will stimulate the recovery of neurons, which will improve the quality of movements, allow them to feel and control better. But it should be remembered that the miraculous effect of rehabilitation fitness is possible only with regular exercises. To achieve effective recovery will not work by visiting one or two classes. Yes, after them, most of the guests of the club are feeling better, they gain the freedom lost earlier, but the muscles of the body, the joints of the limbs start to hurt again if you stop exercising. As noted above, the recovery course is conducted with minimal stress, so successful fitness rehabilitation is possible only as a result of multi-day training, in which the rehabilitation trainer will help you, under whose strict guidance you will take steps towards your health. We are waiting for you in the fitness club “5th Element” for the restoration of the lost form!

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    • Photo REHABILITATION SPECIALIST — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo REHABILITATION SPECIALIST — fitness club 5 element

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