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Lash lamination of eyelashes

Eyelash lamination is the lengthening and thickening of natural eyelashes using special formulations. During the procedure, small protein particles penetrate deep into the hairs, fill micro cracks and damaged areas, thereby strengthening the structure, thickening and smoothing the surface of each cilium.

The lamination effect looks like one layer of lengthening mascara has been applied to the lashes. They become longer, darker, acquire a beautiful bend - and at the same time, they look absolutely natural. Eyelashes receive useful components and minerals, look longer and more well-groomed. A puppet bend appears. The greatest advantage of eyelash lamination is the benefits of the procedure: deep nourishment of natural eyelashes with formulations high in vitamins and amino acids. Subsequently, the hairs visually lengthen, become silky and lush, and acquire a neat shape.

This technique provides the natural beauty of an expressive look. Moreover, after the procedure, the eyelashes can be tinted with mascara and strengthened with oil, you can visit the sauna and the pool, you can sleep on your stomach and even rub your eyes). You can sign up for lash lamination in the beauty center of the “5th Element” club by calling 067 555 1543

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