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Sparing trainings

The success of an athlete’s performance at competitions depends on the training`s quality. It is necessary to train not only physical qualities, but also psychological skills to anticipate the actions of the enemy and be ready to respond to them. One of the effective types of training process, which is ideal for strength sports, is sparring (translated from English - “fight”).

Training fights in different types of martial arts are called differently: rolling - in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kumite - in karate, but the value of sparring is always the same: comprehensive training by modeling the state close to the fight.

Boxing sparring has several goals related to improving physical, strategic and mental skills in combat. Through sparring, athletes learn:

In boxing, sparring is very helpful for beginners, who often feel psychologically unprepared for a fight. Emotional restlessness, nervousness, self-doubt cause shortness of breath, increase heart rate, and hence fatigue, so partner fights are an important stage of the training process for those who have just started boxing. Sparring for experienced athletes allows you to update existing skills to keep fit.

• fight properly;

• use the most effective techniques and techniques;

• consider the time period of the match to defend, attack or counterattack in a timely manner.

An important aspect of the practical training of a wrestler is to practice new techniques - to achieve results in this process can only be with the participation of a sparring partner.

Boxing - is an organized kind of fist fights, which implies the presence of the opponent. The essence of the fight is in gaining an advantage over those who stand in front. For this purpose it is necessary to change the technique of blows, resorting to their combination, to avoid counter attacks, to predict the next movement of the opponent.

Benefits of boxing training with a sparring partner

A boxer works not so much with his body as with his head, so such qualities as constant concentration, speed of reactions, attention, ability to make instant decisions are important to him, because the result of a fight can be decided in a split second. This can be achieved only during sparring. Therefore it is necessary to note advantages of training fights with participation of the partner:

Training in pairs involves practicing tactical strikes and defense directly in contact with the sparring partner. Work according to the task defined by the coach. Boxers in sparring are divided into serial numbers (first or second) and clearly perform these tasks.

• full contact duel;

• a combination of physical and emotional stress;

• moral sense of the enemy’s presence;

• performing exercises of a certain tactical orientation;

• the ability to practice counterattacks and defense against blows;

• observance of individual rules (light contact does not involve head and face injuries).

How to pass sparring training in boxing

Boxing sparring is introduced into the athlete’s training program in the second month of his active strength sports. Before that - work with a pear and fight with the shadow.

Practice three variants of boxing sparring:

Sparring on the instructions of the coach is suitable for beginners; fights by arrangement and random fights - for experienced boxers who have more than once entered the ring and know the tactics of the fight by hearsay.

You will find effective sparring, boxing training and other martial arts, organized at a professional level in the Kyiv club “5th element». Not only men but also women can hold a training match, as strength sports and self-defense skills are incredibly popular among the fairer sex.

• performing the task of a coach;

• fight by agreement of participants (partners);

• arbitrary task (maximum adaptation to battle).

Sparring training in the fitness club “5th element”

You can sign up for a club of healthy pleasures for partner sparring by phone. Here you will quickly learn the basic techniques:

• classical and Thai boxing,

• kickboxing;

• sambo;

• taekwondo;

• judo;

• karate;

• ju-jitsu;

• hand-to-hand combat;

• freestyle wrestling.

Classes are held for both adults and children. The boxing studio has a professional ring equipped with the world-famous brand Everlast. In addition to sparring, we offer individual skills on boxing and pneumatic bullets, bags, using balls, dumbbells, skipping ropes.

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