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    For people who need to restore their physical activity or undergo rehabilitation after injuries of the musculoskeletal system, the 5th Element fitness center suggests using a unique technique developed specifically for such cases. With its help, you can get rid of diseases of the spine, joints, regain mobility and forget about pain in the lower back and pain in the knees.

    What is kinesitherapy?

    Healing by movement - namely, “kinesitherapy” is translated from Greek. The method is based on the idea that correctly selected movements can effectively treat diseases of the human musculoskeletal system. The main advantage of this method of treatment is that all exercises are tested in practice, and their effectiveness has been proven. Fitness center “5th Element” offers adults and children two forms of kinesitherapy:

    • active;
    • passive.

    In the first case, classes are held in active form (therapeutic exercises, outdoor games, and so on), which are conducted under the supervision of coaches. In the second case, the specialists of the fitness club, depending on the diagnosis and recommendations of the doctors, will offer:

    • massage;
    • stretching;
    • mechanotherapy.

    In the latter case, mechanical devices are used that enhance the therapeutic effect. Thanks to us, kinesitherapy in Kiev has become available to all, without exception - both adults and children.

    Kinesitherapy or physiotherapy: what are the differences?

    Those who are faced with problems of the musculoskeletal system, know how painful they are accompanied - every movement causes hellish torment. The paradox of kinesitherapy is that movement helps to get rid of pain. The methodology is based on the principle: ailment can be healed by overcoming the fear of painful sensations. This is the main difference in the treatment of movements from traditional methods. Therapeutic gymnastics is usually prescribed after a considerable amount of time passes after determining the ailment of the musculoskeletal system or getting injured. The pain is blocked with the help of various medications, the person barely moves, avoids physical exertion. Kinesitherapy, in contrast to gymnastics, is focused on specifically targeting sore spots, while anesthetics are not used, since special exercises help fix the “breakdown” and extinguish the focus of pain. The correct mental attitude helps the body to transfer the load and cope with unpleasant sensations. This also contributes to a varied exercise program that comprehensively affects the affected joints. The trainer is directly involved in this and, thanks to psychological support from him, the guest copes with his problems much easier and faster.

    Who needs kinesitherapy?

    The most common ailments for which motion therapy is prescribed are:

    • diseases of the spine (osteochondrosis, scoliosis, stoop, abnormal posture, intervertebral hernia, Bechterew’s disease and others);
    • diseases of large joints (Still’s disease, arthritis and its varieties, shoulder-scapular periarthrosis).

    A fitness center “5th Element” is also recommended for anyone who has suffered sports or domestic injuries, operations on joints and limbs, as well as those with intervertebral hernia, unstable spinal segments. Take the first step to health - regain mobility and enjoy an active lifestyle!

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    • Photo KINESITHERAPY — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo KINESITHERAPY — fitness club 5 element

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