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The desire to learn to swim is associated with the natural desire of a person to protect himself from various risks associated with open water. Swimming - it is also a healthy leisure, contributing to the maintenance of vitality.

To do swimming at your leisure, you must at least master the technique of holding on the water. But the question is how best to learn it: collectively, attending group classes, or resorting to the services of an individual swimming coach?

Group methodology is quite an energy-consuming and labor-intensive process. The effectiveness of training depends not only on the instructor’s professionalism, but also on the number of people in the group, their level of physical fitness, as well as a number of individual psychological factors associated with the fear of a person of open water space, shyness and other things. Group swimming with a trainer is based on the implementation of a common program for all. As a rule, collegiate learning is more suitable for children, while adults come to classes with a certain negative experience in water conquest, and often with a phobia. It is impossible to talk about high-quality training in a situation where the instructor will be forced to individually apply to each of 10-15 people. The only correct solution is to form a group of not more than 3 people or personal lessons with a trainer in the pool in a one-on-one format.

The benefits of swimming with a personal trainer

Individual swimming lessons are devoid of a number of drawbacks inherent in presenting theory and practice in large groups. Among the advantages of this form of education are:

  • a personalized program that takes into account the level of physical training of the student and the level of expected results;
  • a significant reduction in time for a swimming course;
  • total control by the trainer of all stages of obtaining skills, possible adjustment of loads, additional study of individual exercises, consolidation of results, etc.

Experience shows that almost every professional swimmer can be a swimming instructor, but not every instructor is given the opportunity to conduct individual training. Knowledge of psychology, methodical skills, complete control of the situation, stress resistance, ability to remain an authority even in the most difficult situation is a characteristic of a good coach, to whom you can enroll for individual lessons at the “5th Element” club. Graduated masters with the appropriate category will teach you not only contact with water, but also the necessary basis of skills, thanks to which you will be able to freely swim and develop further in the chosen direction.

What does swimming with a coach give?

The initial training process consists of verbal, visual and practical techniques. The base of preparatory and special exercises, individually chosen by your instructor, will allow you to lie down on the water already in the first classes, and then move, dive under the water and breathe properly. At the next stage, in a tandem “coach and you” various swimming techniques will be worked out, as well as starts and turns. Thanks to such a universal sport, you have:

  • the muscular corset of the back is significantly strengthened;
  • posture will be adjusted;
  • tissues will be optimally supplied with oxygen;
  • increased working lung volume;
  • the relief muscles will be formed;
  • blood pressure, blood and lymph flow is stabilized;
  • normal weight;
  • the mental and emotional state general will improve.

There are no contraindications to swimming with a personal trainer, and indeed, in some cases, this is the only effective way to overcome the fear of water and have the necessary skills. In our club there are several European-level swimming pools, equipped with an innovative water purification system. You can learn from the consultant how to sign up for one of the best swimming coaches in Kiev and what is the price of a subscription. Training schedule is easy to adapt to your employment. For more information - call or email us!

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