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    Group classes in the fitness club “5th element”

    We recommend group training for clients who don’t enjoy exercise alone and prefer collegial classes in the gym or fitness center!

    Group classes are held in several relevant directions in the fitness club “5th element”. If you have not yet made a choice our manager will tell you particularly about the specifics of each direction by phone.

    Group classes are conducted according to a specially designed program in the presence of a highly qualified instructor.

    • Group fitness workouts in various fitness classes - aerobics, dance, power and mixed directions, as well as cycling, martial arts, FREEMOTION, SPINNING. Classes are recommended for general recovery and rehabilitation.

    • Group yoga classes are relevant for harmony, spiritual, physical development and clients actively interested in a healthy lifestyle. Gender, age and physical fitness for group yoga classes do not matter.

    • Stretching is a form of physical exercise to strengthen your muscular system, help relieve tension and make the body flexible, slender, and beautiful. The popularity of group stretching classes is justified by their effectiveness and accessibility.

    • The Pilates section is a unique system of exercises for the development of all muscle groups that combines physical, intellectual and spiritual development. Pilates classes will help to find friends and like-minded people.

    • Fitness and dancing is recommended for people who strive not only for the physical ideals of their own body, but also for a qualitative increase in self-esteem. A combination of physical activity, creativity and active leisure – is In favor of this sport.

    • Aerobics group classes are relevant not only for beginners but also for professionals. With like-minded people, you can make your body stronger and more beautiful without risking your health.

    •Running on special exercise machines is popular among group fitness workouts. There is a full-fledged athletic training, which completely replaces jogging in the stadium. The treadmills installed in the “5th element” club are equipped with iFit technologies, thanks to which you will be able individually to choose the type of load: to lose weight, to maintain physical shape, improve athletic performance, and prepare for athletics.

    • At the heart of functional training - a balanced set of physical activities, contribute to the correction and improvement of the figure. Group classes under the guidance of an experienced instructor will help to achieve high personal results in developing endurance, strengthening coordination and muscular strength.

    • Cycling with the modern exercise bikes will interest everyone who loves the drive, speed and atmosphere of real sports competitions. The club has modern RealRyder training complexes, thanks to which you will open new unique opportunities to improve your own physical shape. Group cycling classes allow you to take part in exciting competitions in road racing: change the speed and trajectory, perform adrenaline maneuvers without risking anything.

    • Freemotion - a new word in modern fitness. The innovative complex of group training allows to strengthen and unite the muscle groups which in a normal active life are not connected among themselves, that is, function separately.

    • Group classes on Italian sports equipment Queenax is a 4D-format training complex, imbued with the spirit of freedom, which gives a feeling of joy and real flight. The multifunctional system for bodybuilding, available in the club “5th element”, is a stellar level of usual training.

    • Kangoo dance, Kangoo jumps - group classes on jumping exercises in jumpers (special shoes with a cushioning effect). Exercise promotes overall physical development, helps to improve health, improve mental health and just believe in yourself.

    • Sky Jumping - a unique fitness program developed by experts from the Czech Republic. The complex involves exercises using a round trampoline with handles. By analogy with fitness, sky-jumping is just as safe and very healthy.

    • Group TRX-workouts are suitable for striving for a perfect body and losing weight effectively. The program is also relevant for professionals, experienced athletes, for whom it is important to constantly maintain normal physical shape.

    • Zumba - for those who do not stand still at the sounds of incendiary music and love to dance. Quite an interesting sport, which helps to harmonize the emotional background, as well as the development of flexibility and plasticity.

    • Nordic FIT - a section of Nordic walking, which is cardio and strength training. It promotes the development of strength, endurance, strengthening the main muscle group.

    • Gym Workout is a set of exercises for body aesthetics. Helps to develop basic physical skills to achieve perfect proportions and a beautiful figure.

    • Fly-yoga - section of air yoga in hammocks. Antigravity complex is a combination of Ayurvedic techniques and gymnastic, aerobic, fitness exercises.

    Bokwa Group Certified Workouts is a licensed program of an American fitness product company that combines dancing, Pilates, boxing, classical choreography, strength exercises using mini bars, piloxing and iron systems. Loads are selected individually considering the physical training of the person, the tasks and aesthetic preferences in sports.

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    • Photo Group trainings — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo Group trainings — fitness club 5 element
    • Photo Group trainings — fitness club 5 element
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    Group trainings in the "5 Element" club - it is relaxation and taking care of your body. Here you can relax and take time for yourself.

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    Group trainings — You can order a subscription to the fitness club "5 Element" on the website in the menu section "Club cards".

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    Group trainings — visit and see the best service in town.

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