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Frequently asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

We value your time and therefore have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions of our visitors about the club in the form of “Question-Answer”.

If you have not found the answer to your question, then you can ask our specialists in one of the ways convenient for you:

Does a membership card include parking? Are there free spaces?

Yes, our fitness club has 3 large parking lots for 450 cars and there are always free spaces.

Are there sun loungers near the indoor pools of the fitness club where I can relax?

We offer our visitors relaxation at the wellness tables next to the pool, where they can drink fresh juice, tea, coffee or order a delicious dish from the restaurant menu. Nearby there are Roman, Finnish saunas, Russian steam room and hammam, aromatherapy machines and massage rooms. Also there are sun loungers by the outdoor pool on the green and spacious summer patio in summer, open from May.

Where can I find information about trainers?

You can find information about the fitness club`s trainers on the website of our club, as well as contacting the manager. The wellness consultant will be able to help you find a trainer in your best interest.

Is there a special quiet place or office where I can work?

There are cozy sofas in the club`s restaurant, and there are booths in the bar at the central reception where you can hold a meeting and work on a laptop. In summer, our clients enjoy immersing themselves in the open air, sitting on a sun lounger by the pool or on the summer terrace of the restaurant. In addition, the restaurant also has separate rooms where you can hold a meeting, business breakfasts. Free WIFI is available throughout the club.

When is the busiest time to visit the club?

From 17:00 to 19:00 is the most popular time to visit the club. However, even at this time, training in our club is comfortable thanks to the 350 group classes per week, 18 studios for group classes, 6 swimming pools, 5 tennis and 3 squash courts. The gym has a variety of machines for the same muscle groups, which means each workout will be different from the previous one. The demanded classes are duplicated in different studios at different times. There is a format of training in mini-groups and sparring training.

Is it possible to buy a card only for a child?

Baby cards can only be purchased in conjunction with parent cards. The Fitness Club “5th Element” is not a specialized children's institution.

Where do I find the group classes schedule?

You can get acquainted with the schedule of group classes on the club's website.

How can I find out my balance of money and training on the card?

Your personal manager will prompt and specify the number of workouts or the financial balance of your membership card. In addition, you can use the information box at the central reception of the club.

Do I have trial workouts in my membership card?

All of our club cards have a large list of bonuses including 4 individual trial workouts.

Can I rent a squash court or tennis court without buying a club card?

Squash courts and tennis courts can be rented only by club card holders.

Is it possible to purchase a card for only one destination, for example, to the pool?

Our club cards include a wide range of training and additional services, which you can familiarize yourself with on the description`s page of club cards or by contacting the sales manager. We do not offer cards for one type of training.

Do I need a medical certificate to visit?

Yes, to visit the club, you either need to bring a medical certificate about your health condition, or get admission to visit the club from our doctor.

What kind of pool cleaning are used in the club? Is chlorine added to the water?

Our club uses the most modern, comprehensive water purification. You can find a description of water treatment in the POOL section.

Do you have a one month or one day membership?

Our club cards are annual but you can purchase special summer short-term memberships. There are no guest visits (one day memberships) on free sale, since our club is a closed-type club. Only members of the club can purchase such a guest visit for their friends or relatives in order to have fun and spend time usefully.

Do you have classes for children and adolescents?

For our little clients, children ages from 6 months to 16 years old, we offer a wide variety of sports activities. Along with them, there are developmental classes for very little and creative ones. You can use the “preparation for school” program or study foreign languages. Especially for children, a rollerdrome was built in our club, where children, with the help of trainers, can learn roller skating, skateboarding or longboarding. We also have a wide range of sports schools (tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, choreography, martial arts, etc.).

What types of cards do you have?

There are many types of club cards in our club: annual basic cards (adults and children), premium, special. The description of the cards can be found on the CLUB CARDS page or by contacting the sales department by phone 044-495-95-99. Our managers will be happy to tell you about the cards and help you choose the most suitable one for you.

When can I visit the club?

Our club is open 363 days out of 365 days a year and only on the 1st January and on Easter, the club has a day off. Club opening hours: Mon.-Fri. from 7:00 to 23:00; Sat, Sun from 9:00 to 23:00

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes, all of our club cards include “freeze”. Its period differs depending on the type of card. For more information about the number of membership`s “freeze” days, see the CLUB CARDS page or contact the sales department by phone 044-495-95-99.

Do you have bathrobes and towels?

For each client, regardless of the type of card or age, we provide a bathrobe and a set of towels to visit the club.

Where can mom / dad change the child`s clothes of the opposite sex?

For the convenience of our clients, we have changing rooms for adults, for mothers with babies, for mothers with sons, for fathers with daughters.

Are there classes for pregnant women in the fitness club?

We have a special “Fitness Mom” card for pregnant women. Expectant mothers can attend special classes in the pool “Aqua Mom”, in the studios “Yoga Mom” and “Fitness Mom”. More information about classes for pregnant women can be found on the SCHEDULE OF CLASSES page or by contacting the sales department by phone 044-495-95-99.

Is there infant swimming?

Yes, we have activities for babies in the pool. Swimming of infants in the pool can be started already from the second or third week of life, provided that the umbilical wound is completely healed and the classes are approved by the leading child's pediatrician. Children who were engaged in infant swimming develop better physically, get sick less and more easily, they are much calmer and more balanced than their peers. More information about activities for babies can be found on the page BABY SWIMMING or by contacting the sales department by phone 044-495-95-99.

Where can I leave valuables?

Our club has lockers where customers can leave valuables while visiting the club. Personal lockers are provided for VIP and Premium cardholders.

Can I celebrate my birthday at the club?

You can celebrate your birthday in the restaurant of the club, as well as the birthday of your child. We have a variety of programs to celebrate various children's parties. And our animators will make these holidays bright, fun and unforgettable for you, your children and your guests. More details about birthdays can be found on the EVENT ORGANIZATION page.

Do you have a special price for card renewal or renewal after a long break?

The 5th Element Club is more than just a fitness center. We create for our clients the most comfortable atmosphere for sports and relaxation (which is very important in the modern world). Sports activities bring people closer together and many of our clients have made new friends in the club. We do everything to ensure that our clients are always happy to renew their club cards. Therefore, we have a special program of flexible discounts for clients who want to renew their card in advance. The client can always contact his personal support manager and choose the most profitable option for renewing or restoring his card.

Do you have any sports nutrition before and after training?

You can prepare a sports cocktail in the bar at the central reception, as well as in the fitness bar directly next to the room with cardiovascular equipment. You can also buy sports nutrition, vitamin complexes from the world's leading manufacturers in the club. And even if your favorite sports nutrition was not with us, our managers will help you find it from our partners.

Can men attend group classes?

We would suggest rephrasing this question: “Do men need to attend group classes?” It is a very common myth that group classes are for women only. And our clients successfully refute this myth by attending group classes. Moreover, there are group classes where you rarely meet women.

Can I leave my things somewhere until the next workout?

VIP and Premium cardholders have the right to use personal lockers, in which they can leave their belongings until the next workout. For other members of the club and guests, a personal wardrobe rental service is provided.

Is it possible to conduct video and photo shooting in the club?

Only with the permission of the administration.

Can kids swim alone in the pool?

Not. For safety reasons, the child can swim in the pool only with one of the parents or with a trainer in a personal or group lesson.

Can non-club members visit the restaurant?

Yes, the restaurant is open to non-club members. You can book a table in the hall or on the summer terrace by calling 067-555-12-54. And you can get acquainted with the menu on the RESTAURANT MENU page.

Can non-club members visit the Beauty Center?

Yes, non-club members can visit the Beauty Center. For regular customers, there is the Beauty Center loyalty program.

Is it possible to visit the summer pools only on weekends?

Summer and sports pools are available to clients in accordance with the club's opening hours and their cards.

What equipment is in the gym?

You can find premium line cardio equipment and strength training equipment from leading manufacturers in our club: Technogym, LifeFitness, Hammer Strength, Panatta, Rogue.

Can I order takeaway restaurant meals?

Yes, our restaurant offers customers not only ready-made meals, but also semi-finished products. And all this is of the highest quality and delicious. You can order TAKE AWAY dishes by phone 067-555-12-54, and see the assortment on the a href='/en/service/restoran/menyu-restorana/' target='_blank'>RESTAURANT MENU

Do you have meals for people leading a healthy lifestyle in your restaurant?

Yes, we have a fitness menu in our restaurant, as well as a lot of healthy dishes on the main menu.

Is it possible to order a cake in a restaurant?

Yes, we have a huge selection of desserts. To learn more visit our website RESTAURANT page or contact our restaurant 067-555-12-54.

Is there a children's camp during the holidays?

Yes, there is a children's camp in our club during the school holidays. During the holidays, our specialists also make a more eventful schedule of classes so that children can spend their time with maximum benefit.

Does the club hold tournaments and events?

Throughout the year, our club hosts many competitions, tournaments for both adults and children. They can be closed - only for club members, and open, in which non-members can also take part.

Is there a doctor on the territory of the club?

Of course, the doctor is from 7.00 to 23.00 every day in the club. There is also a nurse in the pool during the working day.

Can a nanny bring a child to a workout?

If the nanny has the “Nanny” club card. If the nanny does not have a club card, she can transfer the child to a coach or a teacher's club.

Does the club have rehabilitation?

Yes, one of the directions of our club's work is the rehabilitation of the ODA (musculoskeletal system).

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