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    Shorter daylight hours, switching to winter time, reducing daily activity, a more “heavy” and saturated diet - all these things that accompany the arrival of winter are naturally reflected on our body and well-being. We spend less time on the street, get a minimum of vitamin D, and, as a result, complain about a bad mood, lack of strength, apathy.

    It is well known that the secret of energy is activity, therefore, the best remedy for restoration of vitality and tone - your favorite workout in the fitness club. At the same time, we hasten to reassure you: entering the world of regular sports and well-being will not become an unbearable burden for you and will not turn into stress. After all, each of our guests begins their fitness journey through the "5 Element" club with testing on the Tanita-780 apparatus developed in Japan. The unique data obtained during it - the content of water, fat, bone and muscle mass in your body, metabolic rate - will become the basis for a training and nutrition program that is right for you.

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    Try new

    Winter is the time when most of the most avid supporters of a healthy lifestyle postpone street workouts until the next warm season. After all, the body needs more and more time to warm up, and the body has to maneuver between weather obstacles in the form of precipitation, snowdrifts, ice. Returning to warm, spacious and comfortable rooms is a great occasion to diversify your physical activity and discover new areas of training.

    Have you been running outside all summer? Add variety and fun to your workouts at Queenax's unique fitness station! Did you play tennis under the scorching sun? Go squash and make your muscles look at the game from a different angle! Study the busy schedule of group workouts of the 5 Element club, find unfamiliar names, and go there! Your body and brain will be grateful to you.

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    Use the maximum time

    Winter days have an amazing property: they seem slow and long lasting, but pass very quickly. It seems that winter has just begun, and New Year's Eve, Christmas, holidays, Valentine's Day are already on the nose. Therefore, not succumbing to all illusions, it is worth using the time of winter snowfalls and frosts to the maximum benefit. After all, all the conditions for this have already been created in the 5 Element club.

    Because of the short daylight hours we spend less time on walks? Therefore, we can devote more time to training in bright rooms, huge pools, in comfortable group classes. And while our body is struggling to be lazy and seek excuses, we do not forget that after the New Year until the summer there are five months left, for which you need to create (or save!) Your ideal form. A two-level gym with an area of ​​more than 2000 m2 with the most modern fitness equipment, 350 group classes per week in 18 spacious studios, dozens of different areas and hundreds of professionals are the best assistants in this.

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    Pass the days between the rides

    Winter with its frosts, snowfalls and cold, fresh air - your favorite season? And you all year can’t wait for the start of a new ski season, mentally wiping the dust from your snowboard or skis? Enter the active standby mode with the club "5 element". Prepare your muscles for access to the mountain slopes, hours of skiing and spectacular stunts. And after returning, in anticipation of new raids, do not let yourself relax and grieve. You have been waiting this winter for so long!

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    Give a gift that will remain for the whole year

    Let's admit to ourselves: the perfect New Year's gift is one that does not lose its relevance the whole coming year. A card to the Healthy Pleasure Club “5th Element” is certainly one of these options. Moreover, a gift that helps the person to whom it was presented takes care of itself is a double joy. A huge variety of trainings, game sports, martial arts, a children's sports school and a fitness club for pregnant women, the direction of physical rehabilitation and medical gymnastics, and wellness areas make it suitable for almost any person.

    Thus, for those who count the days until spring and heat, we will help to accelerate the passage of time and usefully survive the cold, and for lovers of winter and outdoor activities we will add energy and drive. And along with this, the first and second will provide good health and great shape!

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