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    and temper the spirit

    The 5th Element Healthy Pleasures Club is an opportunity to engage in fitness, rehabilitation and spa treatments for the sake of protection against viral diseases, which most often attack people with weak immunity and leading a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, we offer a space where you can create a beautiful body and have a great time with friends, find new useful contacts and even implement business projects. Every year, slowly but surely, more and more people make informed choices in favor of health and wellness, and fitness is one of the ways to achieve these goals.

    A territory of safety
    and healthy pleasures

    After the coronavirus has become a part of our lives, many have a natural question: is it possible to go to a fitness club during a pandemic? Foreign experts say the risk of COVID-19 spreading in fitness clubs is extremely low. They should not be closed as physical activity improves health and general well-being.

    An analysis of over 62 million gym visits in 14 European countries in September this year showed that there were only 487 infections during the visits. And this is 0.78 cases per 100,000 visits. In other words, if gyms follow all the necessary precautions, including additional sanitization of equipment, as well as monitor the observance of physical distance and wearing masks, then training in them is safe.

    We continue to work for you and made our club a safe haven: temperature measurements for all guests and employees, sanitizers in each hand treatment area, sanitation of equipment, premises and new disinfection schedules. We employ only healthy employees wearing masks and, if necessary, wearing gloves.

    5th Element Club -
    more than fitness

    For over 15 years we have been taking care of the health of our club members and their families. The 5th Element Club is more than just fitness. We are engaged in rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries, recovering after pregnancy and childbirth, helping to lose weight, give the body flexibility, and joints mobility. We teach you to swim, dance and win, feel your body, eat tasty and healthy food, and, most importantly, get healthy pleasures.

    We invest in quality coverage, clean air and fitness equipment with the right biomechanics

    We added new fitness equipment, made renovations in the fall, changed the surface and repainted the walls in a stylish and trendy Tiffany color. The area of ​​our two-level gym is 1735 m2. At the same time, without breaking the social distance, 184 people can train in the hall. This is a two-story spaceship. Coaches and administrators are at the control panel. They monitor the work of the "ship" and the order on the "deck". Professional simulators from the leaders of the fitness industry: Hammer strange, Technogym and Lifefitness - work, creating relief and pumping triceps. In the cardio hall you can run forever, go up to the moon and back.

    6 pools - one club

    The club has 6 swimming pools at the same time. Such a volume of water in one place is found only in aquariums.

    Zoning is provided in the aquazone - there is a children's, professional, amateur zone, an open-air heated jacuzzi and a bathroom for babies. Scientists have found no evidence of the spread of the coronavirus through water. And in our pools, water is similar in composition to drinking water and its quality is checked weekly by the SES.

    Lively atmosphere, comfort
    and pleasant people around

    Previously, people went to a fitness club solely to lose weight and gain strength. Now, when work, relatives are online on remote access, they also come to us to have a rest, chat and relax with friends. Real coaches will lend a shoulder in the fight for a beautiful body, comfort and pleasant people around - these are the components of the lively atmosphere of our club.

    Club "5 Element" - close
    to the center and near Obolon

    Fitness is often chosen closer to home, office or in between. The 5th Element Healthy Pleasures Club with six swimming pools, a huge gym, squash and tennis courts, a restaurant and a beauty center is located in an optimal location that is easy to reach even in our city. Everything that is necessary for a successful and healthy person, as well as for all members of his family, you will find in the club of healthy pleasures "5th Element".

    Start the new year with fitness and healthy pleasures!

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