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  • Perfect season to start

    Many people remember that it would be nice with the help of physical exercises to take care of their appearance only at the New Year's table, and the most desperate - right on the eve of summer vacation. Obviously, getting your "dream body" at an accelerated pace is an impossible task, therefore ideal forms remain in our dreams. In fact, say the experts of the "5th Element" club, it is possible to transform beyond recognition - by reducing weight and improving the quality of muscles - in 8-9 months. So, if you start right now, go on your next vacation with a figure that is the envy of your neighbors on the beach.

    The right start

    To start fighting your enemy, you need to study it well, say experts in martial arts. A similar rule applies to our "internal enemy" - excess weight. Only by establishing the reasons for the accumulation of body weight, which will be unique for each of us, just as our body is unique, we can correctly start our path of transformation. The fitness testing developed in Japan on the Tanita-780 apparatus, which is carried out on the basis of the club, will provide information on the content of water, fat (including visceral), mineral bone and muscle mass in your body, as well as the level of basic metabolism in your body. Based on this data, the club's consultants will draw up an ideal exercise and exercise program for you, weight loss and maintenance of water balance.

    Workouts for every taste

    Wellness experts at the 5th Element Club strongly recommend that if you are a beginner and just starting to instill in yourself a love of sports, choose workouts that bring you pleasure. As long as you develop the habit of systematic exercise - let the body enjoy it! And in the "5 Element" club there is always something to choose from: in the new season, visitors will find up to 350 group classes per week in 16 spacious studios: aerobic and dance directions, strength and functional training, yoga and martial arts. Prefer to work out with a coach? A two-level gym with an area of ​​over 2000 m² with the most modern premium equipment at your service.

    The opportunity to extend the summer

    The long-awaited summer has just ended, and are you already nostalgic and crossing out the days until the next day on your calendar? With the help of the six pools of the "5th Element" club, you can return to summer and remember how you swam in the clear waters of the refreshing sea. Sports pools with different temperature regimes, aqua aerobics or water polo classes, pools for the little ones - there will always be a place for you and a free track. You can extend the past summer into autumn sunny days by the outdoor pool in the courtyard of the club, and with a decrease in temperature - simply move to the jacuzzi with seawater and heated - a pleasure that can be enjoyed in the open air all year round.

    Remedy for autumn apathy

    Does the elusive warmth and the first yellow leaves make you feel autumnal apathy? Physical activity is the best cure for seasonal depression. At the same time, playing sports - squash, table and tennis, badminton, basketball and volleyball - not only help to easily survive the gray autumn and cold winter, but also improve our inner qualities: strength, mobility, flexibility, accuracy, coordination.

    Children exercise next to you

    A sports center for children and adolescents operates on the basis of the 5 Element fitness club, which unites sports schools in various fields under one roof: swimming, rhythmic gymnastics and dancing, squash and tennis. There are activities for the little ones - children from 2 years of age will be able to do physical exercises under the supervision of qualified specialists, while you are nearby in your classes.

    Protection against viral diseases

    Physical activity and constant training is a great way to strengthen immunity during the COVID-19 pandemic, infectious and viral diseases. In addition to energy, which increases many times in our body with each workout, regular physical activity makes it less vulnerable to colds and a drop in temperature.
    To prevent and prevent the spread of bacterial and viral infections in the club of healthy pleasures "5th Element" disinfection measures. For cleaning sports equipment, disinfecting surfaces and individual use in the club are used:
    - Disinfectant for the treatment of hands (gel) and surfaces (spray) "KLIN STREAM"
    - Every hour and after group lessons, the studios are cleaned with the use of a means for rapid disinfection "ROSA - SPRAY".
    - Wristbands, tokens and locker rooms are disinfected after use.
    - Final cleaning, disinfection of premises and sports equipment is carried out at the end of the working day of the club with the use of disinfectant "Septoline".
    Let's remember that autumn is the time to take care of yourself and get maximum positive emotions!

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