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    Science has proven that the effectiveness of training is much higher when the object of your adoration is present on it. You will not philonite then, after all! In fact, training together is effective.
    It's great to go in the same direction together, share even small victories together, support each other and inspire new feats.
    Go to training as if on a date. In the club of healthy pleasures "5th Element", even during peak hours, no one will embarrass your personal space: in the 2000 sq.m. gym. or there is room for everyone in several pools.

    Group Classes

    Rapid pulse, uneven breathing, endorphins in the blood: fitness is like love, and working together will open up a new side of feelings between you. And there is no need to puzzle over what to do in the evening or on weekends, choosing in the end already bored places and boring companies.
    Training is always a discovery, something completely new and non-standard. Among the many different fitness areas, you will surely find an exciting leisure activity that is interesting for both: aerobic and strength classes, dancing, yoga, stretching, running and exercise bikes, free motion program. Doubt? We will help you choose!


    Romance is not for you? Have fun and active time together! A dynamic squash game will dilute everyday life with bright colors. It is there that you can check "who is in charge of the family," and even with the benefit of the body and good mood. Come, play, get energized, even if you have found yourself a couple yet. Who knows, maybe instead of an arrow, Cupid wants to hit you with a tennis ball?

    Romantic dinner

    A romantic candlelit dinner in a stylish restaurant is a classic of the perfect evening for a couple in love. Panoramic windows, marble floors, comfortable soft sofas and several rooms where you can hide from prying eyes. The interior of the restaurant will already envelop you in an atmosphere of luxury and inspire sublime feelings. An abundance of skillful wines and culinary masterpieces from one of the best chefs in Ukraine (not only amazing in taste, but also prepared according to all the canons of proper and healthy nutrition) will make an evening unforgettable for two.


    A massage for two is a great way to completely relax, while simultaneously feeling a sense of unity and harmony with a loved one. The touch of the sensitive hands of our skilled craftsmen can awaken a feeling of rebirth and renewal. After the procedure, you will look at the world and at each other differently, as if you are starting a new life. Relax together.


    Quiet February evening. You are alone in a warm outdoor pool. Against the background of the stars, snowflakes whirl slowly and silently in a magic dance. White beauties spread on a soft, shiny carpet. Elastic jets of clear water gently sway you on the waves and it seems that there is no one else in the whole world.
    Can you imagine a more romantic atmosphere? Here you can even make it a reality and create an unforgettable evening for your second half!

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