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Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics is extremely popular as training in water is pleasant and safe!

Aqua aerobics is extremely popular as training in water is pleasant and safe! According to the type and complexity of routines various aqua fitness facilities are used: dumbbells and water fitness gloves, paddles and disks, aqua steps and noodles, aquatic weights and active bands, medicine balls and alike. Skilful Trainers set the pace to the training session and keep a watchful eye on every trainee. Dynamic music always supports fast pace!

Aqua aerobics involves every muscle of the body. We should disillusion those who think water fitness to be an easy entertainment. Water exercising is much more difficult then training on firm ground. Can you imagine how effortful is mere walking in water?

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Aquatic exercise is a perfect way to lose weights. A common comment of the first time trainees is “water exercise requires more efforts then weight training”! At the same time water greatly reduces injury risk, prevents cardiovascular system overloading and furthermore Water aerobics simply does not strain the bone, joint and body muscle. Single water training is as effective as three gym workouts. Water resistance overcoming promotes muscle tonus, flexibility, stress relief, immunity and skin tonus improvement and metabolism raising.

Everyone is able to do aerobic exercise! Even those who cannot swim practise water fitness easily with special aqua fitness gloves and belts. Aqua aerobic facilities highly intensify and vary exercise. For a good reason Aqua aerobics trainees note that water fitness is more joyful as compared to other methods of group aerobic exercise.

Aqua aerobic weight classes provide more intensive training load then common aerobic exercise through using load intensifiers like dumbbells, aquatic weights, rubber and flippers. With all this stuff your training grows in intensity, effectiveness and liveliness.

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Water stationary bicycle fixed at the bottom helps you strengthen leg and abdominal muscles as well as lose weight

HYDRORIDER is one of the most cutting-edge achievements in Aqua fitness. Special water stationary bicycle fixed at the bottom helps you strengthen leg and abdominal muscles as well as lose weight.

When you’re working in water, your heart rate doesn’t rise as much as it does on land, besides this fitness facility is suitable for trainees having mobility problems, suffering muscle ache and for those who want to go shaping.

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Aqua Aerobics for the Pregnant

Water exercise promotes the pregnant well-being

Special Aqua fitness promotes the pregnant well-being. Water training is particularly wholesome for the pregnant in last trimester as center of gravity shifts to the abdominal zone what leads to the bone and legs additional loading.

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Special Aqua Aerobics

Indoor swimming is one of few wholesome and safe sports

Indoor swimming is one of few sports beneficial and, what is very important, safe for elderly people and those having cardiovascular system problems. Besides, aquatic exercise is perfect for overweight people, trainees suffering mobility problems and taking rehabilitation course.

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