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Babies’ Swim

Babies, who take swimming classes from an early age, mature much earlier

Do you want to have a tempered, healthy, lively and clever baby? Then this information is for you.

Babies, who take swimming lessons from an early age, mature much earlier. Water promotes blood circulation, strengthens nervous and musculoskeletal systems, exercises breathing, improves his or her reflexes and provides tempering.

Under the supervision of babies’ Swimming Instructor parents get into the Pool together with their babies and help them get used to water environment, dive and swim under water. Positive results of infanthood swimming will remain with a baby for term of life. Our Instructors will teach parents to train their babies properly, to practise them in diving and under water swimming.

The Children’s Pool meets all world standards and provides favourable conditions for all-ages-kids training: its length is 12 m, its depth graduates from 0,8 m to 1,1 m; small children suiting temperature of about 32-33 degrees Celsius is constantly set; full-water-circle time is an hour and a half.

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В бассейн с ребенком ходим уже пол года, начинали с трех месяцев, очень довольны и я и сыночек. Здесь гигиенично чисто и аккуратно, достаточно тепло (температура в бассейне поддерживается автоматически), вода проходит пять ступеней очистки. Занимается с ребенком специально обученный инструктор. Мы очень довольны занятиями в бассейне, ребенок растет здоровым, крепким.
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