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Children’s Sports School

Want your child to be athletic?

Want your child to be athletic? Then, “The 5th Element” Club’s Sports School is what you need. The School promotes basic tennis- or squash-playing skills mastering as well as further professional going in for these sports. In addition, we offer fencing and gymnastic classes. The School provides both group and personal trainings for children down to the age of 4-5 years (depending on a sport). Our Children’s Sports School activity guarantees your child’s well-being, all-round physique and success!

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Sports sections for children: what to do?

Sports schools in Kiev offer a lot of thematic areas related to both classic and modern sports. Where should you opt for?

Psychologists and practicing coaches recommend that parents not realize their childhood dream in their child and not enroll him in the section of the youth sports school on the basis of personal sympathy for the discipline. Especially the warning applies to power types: boxing, wrestling, karate.

Harmonious development of a child’s personality is possible only in his awareness of the aesthetic component of the sports direction. Everything is great in a beautiful body, so experts recommend focusing on:

- swimming;

- choreography and dancing;

- rhythmic gymnastics;

- squash;

- tennis, etc.

It is important to consider choosing children’s sports sections:

- the age and gender of the child;

- physical condition and health features;

- temperament, character traits;

- personal desire to engage in a particular sport.

How old should you start?

As soon as the child has taken his first step, he begins to engage in vigorous physical activity: running, jumping, dancing, twisting funny steps. Early preschool age is the ideal time to take your toddler to a private sports school.

Swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, squash, tennis, choreography and dancing are possible for the smallest “conquerors of Olympus” - children from 2 years old - in the sports school based on the elite fitness club “5th Element”.

Certified experienced specialists working with “little champions” for many years will help you decide on the direction, considering:

- the age and gender of the child;

- physical development;

- temperament, creative preferences;

- the wishes of the parents.

If necessary, on the basis of the “5th Element” club, you can get professional advice from a medical specialist, who excludes contraindications to practicing a specific sport.

Age criteria for choosing a sports club

Sports sections for children 2-3 years old are exciting outdoor games with elements of dance, aerobics, gymnastics, etc. The child develops coordination of movements, improves walking and jumping skills. At this age, it is recommended to enroll children in general early development groups, as well as swimming, choreography.

For a 4-year-old child, the doors open to real - “adults” - sports disciplines: tennis, squash, children’s judo, etc. Often, sports sections for children from 4 years of age and older are recommended by a pediatrician in order to improve physical shape, correct posture, strengthen muscles, and develop personal and volitional qualities.

Sports sections for children 5 years old are organized full-fledged leisure. The child joins the training schedule, becomes organized, responsible for himself and his team. Strong sympathy for sports discipline is developed. Changing sections is also not prohibited, because from 5-6 years old a child is interested in active team games.

The format of training, the atmosphere in the group, the authority of the coach are undoubtedly important factors in determining a sports club, but for children, physical, moral, and intellectual readiness for this or that activity is still important.

The respectability of the school plays an important role: every parent wants his child to attend the best sports club for children in Kiev.

“Dad, mom, I - sports family!”

This slogan is experiencing another peak of popularity, and it is no coincidence: the fashion for a healthy lifestyle dictates its own canons of beauty. In addition, family physical culture leisure unites!

Under the auspices of professional masters, it is easy to achieve not only the first sports results, but also to adjust your life priorities. In other words, a sports school is a forge of spiritual satisfaction. But is each one right for you?

When choosing a children’s sports school, parents start from the following factors:

- geographic location;

- service cost;

- ramification of sports areas;

- the level of the material and technical base of the institution;

- professionalism of mentors;

- the ability to combine children’s sections with classes for adults.

Advantages of children’s sports sections of the “5th element” club

The sports school of the club “5th Element” is chosen in particular by those who were previously enrolled in other sports schools in Kiev. All because we guarantee:

- an individual approach to each child, even during collective, group lessons;

- the modern material base, focused on the specifics of sports leisure (5 tennis courts with different types of surface for year-round lessons, 3 squash courts, 6 swimming pools, 18 studios for classes);

- a modern approach to classical disciplines (in addition to classical choreography and ballroom dancing, children are taught creative types of dance: contemporary, Funk, Popping, jazz-funk, hip-hop and many others);

- roller skating training;

- the schedule of classes that is most convenient for you;

- age complete set of groups with the right to choose;

- open, trusting dialogue between coaches, administration, child and parents.

The elite fitness club “5th Element” is a harmonious leisure time not only for the child, but also for the parents. Check out the list of club services by calling the administrator by phone.

Not all sports clubs for children in Kiev operate on a subscription system, and we are one of the few!

Buy a subscription to visit our club right now - and join the physical culture with the whole family!

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Rhythmic Gymnastics School

Rhythmic Gymnastics for children of three years and upwards. Trainer supported group and personal classes

Rhythmic Gymnastics forms a concept of human body beauty, educates ear to music, promotes sense of rhythm and movement coordination development.

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Squash School

Squash Training for children of four years and upwards

Squash-playing will suit active children, who need to blow off stem as well as to make new acquaintances and mix with peers. This engrossing ball-and-racquet play ensures great amusement. “The 5th Element” The Healthy Pleasure Club features the only Children’s Squash School in Kiev.

The aim is to train quickness, reaction, stamina and to strengthen muscles.

It is so sportive, beneficial and cool to play SQUASH!

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Tennis school

Tennis Training for children of 5 years and upwards

«The 5th Element» The Healthy Pleasure Club – the biggest sports and health club in Kiev – means to give a new incentive to tennis-play training for children.

«The 5th Element» Tennis Academy is a unique combination of the experience and knowledge of highly-skilled trainers standing for the national tennis school and cutting-edge infrastructure for tennis players training: 6 Tennis Courts are available year-round (3 Indoor Courts with Taraflex Surface and 3 Clay Tennis Courts being covered with Air Supported Structures for winter period).

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Judo school for children in Kyiv

The judo school is a kind of temple of the Japanese martial art teaching to fight without attack. This sport attracts not only adults but also children. It is judo, as a skill to control one’s own physical strength that psychologists often recommend to adolescents prone to unbridled aggression.

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School of Choreography and Dance

In our club of healthy pleasures “5th element” we have some great Schools of choreography and dance to present for you. We should admit that it`s so professiomal, that children starting from the age of two can attend them.

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Self defense for children in Kyiv

Obviously, self-defense lessons for children are not the equivalent of lessons for an adult audience. Due to the age and characteristics of physical development, the child is not able to restrain the aggression of a mature opponent, as well as to adequately resist it.

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Хортинг фехтование в Киеве

Хортинг фехтование или украинский сабельный бой – это новейший украинский вид спорта, боевое искусство, средство оздоровления тела и духа, сегодня активно развивается в Украине. Он сочетает в себе фехтование на саблях, которые были распространены на территории современной Украины в период между ХVI и ХVIII в. среди запорожских казаков, с элементами рукопашной борьбы.

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