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Dance Fitness Directions

«The 5th Element» the Healthy Pleasure Club features various Dancing Styles Classes

«The 5th Element» the Healthy Pleasure Club features various Dancing Styles Classes. Classic Dance is a base of dancing skills. Our Club’s Choreographers give dance classes to adults and children in specially equipped rooms. Are you about to have a special occasion? Attend our best professionals’ personal classes to master your wedding dance! Latin dances admirers will be pleased with salsa, merengue, cha-cha-cha and rumba. We offer all difficulty levels lessons: base, intermediate and advanced.

You will surely master core rousing-dance moves and find your execution manner. Every lady would get a lot of benefits having attended East dances class just for once. Belly dance classes promote body plasticity and flexibility improvement, making you womanly figure even more beautiful. Contemporary dance styles like Club Dance, Disko, Hip-hop, House, Break and New Style are also available for mastering. Strip Dance helps you show off beauty of female body, loosen up and tackle various taboos in your intimate relations!

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Dance Fitness Directions in the "5 Element" club - it is relaxation and taking care of your body. Here you can relax and take time for yourself.

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Dance Fitness Directions — You can order a subscription to the fitness club "5 Element" on the website in the menu section "Club cards".

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Dance Fitness Directions — visit and see the best service in town.

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